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General News

Mod Ranges in Wales and West Midlands

NRA Clubs licenced to use MoD ranges in Wales and the West Midlands will be aware of temporary range restrictions imposed in mid- September. Following detailed discussions with our DIO colleagues I can confirm that the restrictions have been lifted subject to the following conditions;

NRA RCO’s must be familiar with the current Range Standing Orders and the restrictions set in the Range Certificate (904).

Clubs must comply with the range Muzzle Energy limits-these are set in Joules; the majority of ranges are restricted to 4500J. Most of Wales & West Ranges are Limited Danger Area Templates, the RDA being 1830m with the exception of some being 2900m

By signing the Range Log (906) the RCO confirms that he/she will abide by the limitations of the range and comply with range specific regulations.

All firing practises must be in accordance with Home Office and guidelines and NRA Policy.  Specific procedures for the use of muzzle-loading firearms are detailed in the NRA RCO manual.

The Club Secretary must supply a list of RCOs yearly through Landmarc Support Services in order to book ranges. The Chairman of the Club must complete DSA OME Pt3 Chap 2 Annexe B stating all RCOs and club members are Safe, Qualified and Competent.


Summary of range availability

All 25m 1908 Barrack Ranges have been temporarily closed through a Range Safety Notice issued by DSA dated Oct 19.

The following ranges within Wales & West are available to NRA affiliated Clubs that hold a current licence authorised by Mod

  • Sealand A – 100m Range on a 2900m RDA.
  • Sealand B – 400m Range on a 1830m RDA.  There are restrictions with this range; ME must not exceed 4500J , no firing from beyond 300m Firing Point.  See RSO.
  • Sealand Butt Stop Range – 25m range.  Restricted to Pistol only (calibre being 4.6mm and 9mm Ball munitions only.  ME 2030J max).
  • Nesscliff – 25m Range – Temp closed.
  • Kinmel – 25m Range.
  • Kingsbury A – 600y Range.  Clubs can fire above 4500J providing the RCO has the relevant NRA High Muzzle Energy course training and this is endorsed on their individual RCO card.
  • Kingsbury B – 600y CGR.  As for Kingsbury A Range restrictions.  Note the 200mil rule for both ranges is not allowed for Civilian Clubs.
  • Kingsbury – 25m Range – Temp closed.
  • Swynnerton – 25m Range – Temp closed (currently restricted to rifle only)
  • Whittington – No 3 25m Range – Temp closed.
  • Whittington – No 4 25m Range – Temp closed.
  • Whittington – No 5  25m Range – Temp closed.
  • Rogiet Moor – 600m CGR.  Temp closed due to licence and RDA issues.
  • Rogiet Moor Butt Stop Range – 25m range.  Temp closed due to licence and RDA issues.
  • Penally 500y Gallery Range – Restrictions, no firing beyond 300m firing point, range maintenance issues (Max ME 3276J for civilian clubs).
  • Sennybridge:
  • J1 100m Range – Temp Closed
  • J2 300m ETR Range.
  • J3 600m Gallery Range – There is a local restriction on this range due to RDA & template restrictions – the 4500J ME applies; no civilian HME firearms may be used.
  • J3A not available to NRA Clubs.
  • Z 200m Range

Nic Couldrey

Regional Ranges Manager

December 2019

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General News

Canopy in MoD 1908 Barrack Ranges

Steel Plate Canopy in MoD 1908 Barrack Ranges

Members that are involved in the conduct and management of ranges should be aware of a recent issue on a 1908 Barrack Range.

The following extract is taken from the MoD Range Advice Notice (RAN)

An incident has been highlighted to us regarding the steel plate in the canopy in 1908 style barrack ranges. The method of fixing the steel on the underside of the canopy is that a 100mm steel plate was screwed into the bottom of the timber joists, a 350mm wide steel plate was then rested upon the resulting lip. The incident occurred when, upon disturbing the 350mm steel plate which was resting on the lip it caused the steel securing screws in the joists to fail and caused some of the steel to fall from the roof onto the sand. TAS investigated the original Type Drawing and can confirm that this was the prescribed method of fixing on this style of range. Therefore, it is expected there to be the potential for this to happen at other locations.

As all the details at the moment are not known, this RAN is to highlight that there is the potential for this to happen anywhere that there is a 1908 style range. As such caution is to be exercised when working under, or near to, the steel on the underside of the canopy.

Further safety information will follow once the full incident report has been collected.”

There may be disruption to club bookings on MoD Barrack ranges until these ranges have been inspected. Please contact your local Landmarc event co-ordinator for details.

Clubs that operate former MoD 1908 Barrack Ranges should contact the NRA for further information.


Nic Couldrey

Regional Ranges Manager

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General News

Temporary Restriction – MoD Ranges in Wales and West Midlands

Clubs licenced to use MoD ranges in Wales and the West Midlands should be aware that a temporary restriction on all firearms that exceed 7.62mm calibre is now in place. The restriction includes muzzle loading firearms and High Muzzle Energy firearms.  A review of ME and MV limits for all ranges is under way.   Please ensure that all shoots comply with the new restriction.  More details to follow as they become available.

Nic Couldrey

Regional Ranges Manager

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Regional Ranges Bulletin Oct 18

From The Regional Ranges Manager


Range Managers Guide & Code of Practice for safe use of NRA and affiliated clubs’ ranges.

This new document has been produced to provide guidance to operators of existing outdoor and indoor ranges and follows our experience of operating ranges at Bisley and the ballistic safety principles contained in JSP 403. We hope that the guide will help clubs maintain and operate safe ranges.  I’d welcome feedback on the initial issue. Let me take this opportunity to thank Maj (Retd) F S Compton MBE who was instrumental in producing the document.

Copies are free for NRA affiliated organisations; please refer to the NRA website here for more details



DIO Ranges & Training Areas Safety Conference

The annual conference is hosted by our DIO colleagues in Warminster and provides a forum for users and those responsible for the delivery and range safety to share updates.  Not surprisingly, safety is the key focus of the meeting.  Access to military ranges is vital for more than 120 of our affiliated clubs, particularly those that want to shoot at distances greater than 300 yards.  Building on that point, it’s great to see that RFCA Altcar will host the All Distance Challenge and Laurels Rutland Challenge on November 10th and 11th.   This event will provide a rare opportunity for competitors to shoot at distances up to 1,000 yards.

There are two significant changes coming for users of military ranges;  a) the RASP process and documentation will be enhanced, more details to follow in November and b) new training safety vehicles in red and white livery will be implemented across the UK estate.  Finally, industry partner range operative staff will become more visible and be supported by MoD Police as appropriate.   So look out for these changes in the coming months.

East Holme Range, Dorset

Members in Dorset will know that East Holme, a 400 yard gallery range near Swanage has been closed for some years.  We have been in discussion with MoD about plans for the range.   MoD has  advised that the range is to be repaired and brought back into compliance with current MoD design and construction policy. No timescale has been set but we expect the range to be returned to service in 2019. Needless to say this is good news for our affiliated clubs in the South West, more to follow.

South Yorkshire Shooting Show

Finally, an update from Doncaster;  I was joined by the Chief Executive,  Head of Membership , Head of Shooting and Training and members of the team for the show last weekend.  The NRA has not attended a regional shooting show for some time so this was something of an experiment/learning experience.  The weather was kind and we had an opportunity to meet a variety of attendees including individual shooters, members of affiliated clubs and the public. The show provided an opportunity for the NRA to be present at a regional event and to promote several of our Yorkshire based clubs.  Our thanks to Baildon Rifle and Pistol Club and the event organiser.  The experience will certainly inform our decision about attending a regional show in future.


See you on the ranges!

Nic Couldrey    











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General News

Range Managers Guide and Code of Practice for Safe Use

Please find attached the first edition of the NRA’s Range Managers Guide and Code of Practice.

The publication of this guidance is in response to increasing technical enquiries received from our affiliated clubs who are in the privileged position of owning and / or operating their own range.

Whilst the guide is not exhaustive, it is the result of our experiences operating the Bisley range complex; we hope you find the contents helpful in maintaining and improving the safe operation of your range.

We welcome feedback; please email Nic Couldrey, NRA Regional Ranges Manager Nicholas.Couldrey@nra.org.uk

If you would prefer hard copy then please email Jodie Gray-Piazza Jodie.Gray-Piazza@nra.org.uk; copies are free for NRA affiliated organisations.

Click here to download the NRA Range Managers Guide

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General News

Charges for NRA clubs using the UK Training Estate 2020

The MoD has published the new schedule of fees for the use of facilities and the hourly rate for Landmarc operatives, please refer to the attached letter.

Please note that the fees have increased and will apply to bookings from 1st April 2020.  The licence fee is unchanged at £180.

Clubs are encouraged to direct billing enquiries to the local Landmarc event co-ordinator but do let me know if you need further assistance.

Nic Couldrey

Regional Ranges Manager

Click to download click  >>  DTE Charges for NRA 2020_21

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Range Wardens Shield 2019

Thorpe Cloud Rifle Range – The Range Warden’s Shield 2019


My thanks to Simon Favell for organising the 2019 Range Wardens Shield at Thorpe Cloud on May 19th  and for everyone that took part in the event.

View Results HERE


Nic Couldrey

Regional Ranges Manager

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Derbyshire Challenge 2019 Results

Derbyshire Rifle Association NRA Challenge April 2019 Results


My thanks to Simon Favell  and everyone that entered this year’s event which has held at the spectacular  range at Thorpe Cloud .


View Results HERE


Nic Couldrey

Regional Ranges Manager

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