LRRFC Summer Meeting

Start8th Jun 2019

Target Rifle, Match Rifle, Service Rifle, Gallery Rifle


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Long Range Rim Fire Club Summer Meeting

Saturday 8th June 2019


DISTANCES: 300 and 400 yards. Targets will be modified NRA TR targets.

NUMBER OF SHOTS: Blow-off shots (see below), up to THREE practice shots, TWO convertible sighting shots and FIFTEEN to count at each distance.

BLOW-OFF SHOTS: A period of one minute during which blow-off (warming) shots may be fired at the stop butt will be allowed before each detail commences at each distance.

RIFLES:  Any rifle chambered for .22 Long Rifle, Long or Short Rimfire ammunition may be used. Magazine rifles must be loaded by single shots. A sling may be used.

MRSB Class: Iron, magnifying or telescopic sights may be fitted. The forward hand may be rested, but the rifle itself may not touch the rest and the butt may not
be rested or touch the ground.

TRSB Class: Iron sights only, and the forward hand may not be rested.

SRSB Class: Military training rifles such as the Enfield No.2, 7, 8 or 9, foreign equivalents or Morris tube conversions, fitted with iron sights of any type. The forward hand may not be rested, as for TRSB.

AMMUNITION: Competitors are to supply their own ammunition.

FIRING POSITION: Prone or supine, but disabled competitors so registered with the NRA may use a table and chair or stool from which to shoot on the firing point.

REGULATIONS: NRA Rules for the Conduct of Shooting and Range Safety will apply


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