Trafalgar Meeting

Start19th Oct 2019

Classic & Historic, GR&P


NRA Mark Haigh

01483 797777 ext 139

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Trafalgar Meeting 2019

Saturday 19th – Sunday 20th October 2019



The upcoming Trafalgar Meeting is a must in the Classic and Historic calendar, held at Bisley on the weekend of Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th October.

This Meeting is full of character, with competitors seen entering into the spirit of the event and some wearing appropriate clothing for the firearms used at the time


The firearms in use attract attention especially when, what is basically a museum piece, can be seen in full operational glory.  This offers the pleasurable opportunity to use, view and handle historical, classic and vintage arms.  Museums and private collectors do preserve our heritage firearms, however practical use by shooters with knowledge of these guns adds another dimension. These firearms being shot across the ranges is a reminder of the history of their development, from flint muzzle-loader or matchlock, to breech-loading nitro cartridge firearms.


If you have any queries about matches and which rifles can be used, please refer to the Classic & Historic handbook, downloadable from the NRA Handbooks page here.


Range Crew

As always, we are actively seeking Volunteer Range Crew to run this event. If you are able to offer your time, please complete the online form. Range Crew will have access to the ranges to shoot their matches on Friday 26 October – please note RCO qualifications are not required.

Arms Fair

There is also something for the collector at the Arms Fair over the weekend – a good opportunity to search for those hard-to-find pieces of kit as well as to discover new items for a collection.



Trafalgar Dinner