Welsh Gallery Rifle Club Open Championships

Start26th Jul 2019

Gallery Rifle

Haverford west Target Shooting Club Range

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The Welsh Championships this year will be held at the Haverford west Target Shooting Club Range over the period Friday 26th to Sunday 28th July. Competition shoots are listed on the entry form and will be taking place over that period. Competitors are to ensure that all information requested is provided and that they indicate in the box which shoots they wish to compete in and when. Every effort will be made to squad competitors to the times they have selected.

Details giving Range location and access details will be provided if required.

Any queries please contact: – adjutantwgrc@ymail.com or mobile 07901 118 439

Competitors not on the internet must provide a stamped addressed envelope for return of squadding details, cheque receipt and access details. If scores are required to be sent after the competition then a second stamped addressed envelope will be required. All competitors will be issued with relevant score cards for that practice, competitors must score adjacent competitors target and sign their score card accordingly. Competitors must provide their own ammunition.
Competitors wishing to camp overnight may do so although facilities on the range are limited. There will also be a BBQ available on Sat night; please tick relevant box on entry form, tickets will be issued with the score cards for those attending. Shelter during non-shooting periods is limited so please ensure that you bring wet weather equipment with you. Full eye and hearing protection is mandatory for all competitions. 

The Home Countries shoot will take place at 1600hrs on Saturday 27
th August. The BBQ will be held after the Home Countries match on the Saturday evening along with result from the Home Countries shoot. Further information on timings will be issued during the day. The Aggregate prize in both CF and SB will be the aggregate results from the 25m Precision, T&P1 and Multi Tgt shoot. The 1500 Aggregate prize will be the aggregate results from the 1500 GRSB and GRCF. In addition to the Individual and Aggregate prizes there will be a pair’s
competition, The Sullivan Pairs, which will run concurrently with the Individual T&P1. Team will comprise one X or A class competitor and one B Class or unclassified competitor, both of whom
must be members of the same shooting club. Entry fee will be £4.00, a separate score card will be issued on payment to stats.

The B-class SB shooter with the highest aggregate score in T&P1 and Multi Tgt will be awarded the Dave Meaby Trophy in memory of the late Dave Meaby, WGRC Adjutant who passed in 2018.
Please also note that competitors entering six or more shoots are eligible for 10% reduction in entry fee and those entering ten or more are eligible for a 15% reduction. Entries may be made on the day but will incur a surcharge on the original entry fee.
Juniors aged under 21 are eligible for a 50% reduction in the overall entry fee (less the above 10% and 15% criteria for all other entrants), proof of age may be required. Those shooting their first 1500 at the Welsh Open will be eligible for a 50% reduction in each 1500 entered.