What is it?

There are many different types of target shooting available for people to try in Great Britain. Some of them are readily accessible to disabled people, others less so. Also, shooting clubs and facilities do not all cater for every discipline; some only offer one, whilst larger complexes can cater for many of them. The only place in the country where almost all disciplines can be tried is Bisley Camp in Surrey, where the principal national governing bodies are based. Access to the outdoor ranges is being improved all the time, although most are already accessible.

If the disciplines that you particularly fancy are not suitable for your type of disability at the moment, or are not currently available in your area, do not give up hope!. The key skills for target shooting are very similar for all disciplines, so you could start with a different but similar option, learn those key skills, and take up your first choice when it is available to you.

Bisley will usually provide all of the equipment needed to start, although most shooters choose to buy their own once they have settled into the sport. This need not be overly expensive, as there is an extensive market in second hand kit.


Any equipment fitting the user


The adaptive competition (part of the Imperial Meeting) Specific for recovering service and ex-service personnel.

Any competition where suitable arrangements can be made for the shooter based on the nature of their disability.


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