Product Notice (220120) – 7.62mm Imperial batch 080-GGG-2019

This ammunition (7.62mm Imperial batch 080-GGG-2019) (“the ammunition”) is sold at a discounted price.  It has been determined, subsequent to manufacture and delivery, that the ammunition has been assembled with primers that in about 20% of the cartridges are now known to be overly powerful.  In some rifles this excess power may be sufficient to cause in particular but not exclusively malfunctioning of, or damage to, the boltface, extractor components, ejector components or firing pin in susceptible firearms.  Proof House tests, carried out subsequent to and consequent on identification of the issue with primers, have confirmed that the ammunition complies with CIP dimensions and pressure limits. The National Shooting Centre Limited, its shareholders, directors, employees and agents, as a condition of sale of the ammunition at the discounted price, expressly disclaim direct and consequential liability arising from malfunctioning of, or damage to any of the boltface, extractor components, ejector components, firing pin or other component part of  any firearm in which the ammunition or the primed cases forming part of the ammunition is fired, regardless of the actual cause of such malfunction or damage. Fired cases should not be used for reloading. IF YOU ARE NOT CONFIDENT OF THE ABILITY OF YOUR FIREARMS TO FUNCTION SATISFACTORILY WITH THE AMMUNITION YOU SHOULD NOT BUY IT. This information is intended to describe the relevant features of the ammunition sold at the discounted price. Your statutory rights are not affected.

The Armoury keeps regular stock of the following popular items:

Description  £ per box Qty
CCI .22LR Mini-Mag 10.00 100
CCI .22LR Standard 4.95 50
SK .22LR 40gr 5.50 50
S&B 9mm 115gr/124gr FMJ 13.50 50
PPU 38SPL 158gr SWC 19.20 50
PPU 357 Mag FPJ 158gr 29.40 50
Magtech Cowboy .357 Mag 158gr 23.00 50
PPU 44 Mag 180/240gr 31.80 50
GECO 45ACP 45 AUTO 24.00 50
S&B 222in SP 50gr
17.60 20
S&B 222in FMJ 50gr
17.60 20
Magtech 223 FMJ 55gr 25.00 50
GGG 5.56mm 62gr FMJ 26.00 50
GGG .223 Rem Match 69gr 17.60 20
PPU .243 SP 100gr 15.36 20
SAKO .243 Win 90gr SP 27.20 20
PPU 6.5X55 FMJ 139gr 15.36 20
PPU 303in 180gr 18.20 20
S&B 303in 180gr 39.50 50
PPU 7.5×55 FMJ 174gr 17.52 20
SAKO .308 WIN 123gr SP 29.60 20
GGG 7.62 147gr FMJ 23.04 20
GGG 7.62 155gr Match (2019 Batch) 15.15 20
GGG 7.62 155gr Match (2020 Batch) 18.00 20
GGG 7.62 168gr Match 23.20 20
GGG 7.62 175gr Match 23.40 20
S&B 30-06 FMJ 39.60 50
PPU 300 WM 145gr 19.44 20
S&B 6.5mm Creedmoor (SOLD OUT) 17.00 20
Pigeon Power 29gr 12g 70mm 7.00 25
Lyalvale Express LST 36 SG 12g 70mm
15.60 25
S&B Special Sport Slug 28g 67.5mm
21.50 25
S&B Practical Slug 12g 32gr 19.50 25
S&B Special Slug 12g 32gr
3.80 5

Reloading Components

Hodgson Pyrodex Pistol 38.40 1lb
Vihtavuori N140 SOLD OUT £87.60 1KG
Lovex D032-03 (Accurate No.2) 43.20 500g
Lovex D036-03 (Accurate No.5) 39.50 500g
Lovex D037.1 (Accurate No.7) 39.50 500g
Lovex D037.2 (Accurate No.9) 39.50 500g
Lovex D060 (Accurate 5744) SOLD OUT 39.50 500g
Lovex D073.4 (Accurate 2230) SOLD OUT 39.50 500g
Lovex D073.5 (Accurate 2460) SOLD OUT 39.50 500g
Lovex D073.6 (Accurate 2520) SOLD OUT 39.50 500g
CCI Large Rifle 5.04/100 50.40
CCI Small Rifle 5.04/100 50.40
CCI Small Pistol 5.04/100 50.40
CCI Large Pistol 5.04/100 50.40