Firearms Hire

We offer a range of firearms for hire and it is also possible to store your own equipment in our secure armoury storage facilities.

Hiring and storage is subject to either FULL NRA members or shooting on a target booked by an AFFILIATED club (of which they are a member) for an official club shoot (which has been previously advertised).

All members of affiliated clubs, shooting on an unofficial club day, must be covered by third party insurance.

Please contact the armoury on 01483 797777 Ext 134 or email to establish to establish current availability and booking of firearms.


Rifle Hire

The following rifles are available for hire;

Make and Model Calibre Scope fitted Optic measurement
SGC AR-15 .223/5.56 Yes 2×10 32
Howa .308/7.62 Yes 5-25×50
Remington 700 .308/7.62 Yes 5-25×50
LMT (AR-15 TYPE) .308/7.62 Yes 5-25×50
Accuracy International (AT and AE) .308/7.62 Yes 3-20×50/3-21×50
Match (Scope and bi-pod) .308/7.62 Yes 5-25×50
Target Rifle .308/7.62 No
Ruger 10/22 Scoped 22 Yes 3-12×42
Ruger 10/22 Iron sight 22 No
Howa 243 Yes 5-25×50
Enfield No4 P14 SMLE, Jungle carbine 303 No
Marlin, under leaver 357 Mag No
Bennelli shotgun 12G No
Mosberg 12G No
Enfield Enforcer 7.62 Yes


     Individual           Club
 Usage    Limits     60    120    120    240 Additional Cost per round*
AM or PM
 All Day
AM or PM
 All Day
Rifle Ranges Target / CSR / F-class Rifle e.g. RPA, AR15 £18.50  £36.00  £36.00  £71.00   10p
 Other  Rifles  e.g.  .303″  £14.50  £28.00  £31.00  £61.00  10p

*NSC reserves the right to require additional payment if staff consider that the usage limit is likely to be exceeded. The cost of ammunition is not included in this price.

Usage Limits





Pistol Ranges Firearm
AM or PM
All Day
AM or PM
All Day

Gallery Rifles

e.g. Marlin .357″






Black Powder Pistols

Hiring Kit (Firearm and components for 25 shots)

Additional Ammunition (components for 25 shots)



All hire is subject to latest NSC Ltd Firearm Hire Policy, availability and Terms and Conditions Ammunition and loading components are sold separately except where otherwise stated

Due to proofing and safety considerations, only SAAMI or CIP approved commercial ammunition may be used in these firearms.

All prices include VAT where applicable

NSC Ltd reserves the right to amend prices and/or withdraw services without notice.

Black Powder Hire

Please call 01483 797777 Ext. 134 for availability.

Storage Hire

Secure storage is available to Members and Affiliated clubs. A full list of Storage charges are here.