What is it?

The NRA own and operates the National Clays shooting Centre, built in 2000 with Lottery Funding for the Manchester 2002 Commonwealth Games.

There are two types of Clay shooting, the Formal Clay Shooting Disciplines and Sporting Clay.

The National Clay Shooting Centre is a Formal Clay range.

Formal Clay shooting consists of a number of disciplines:

Skeet involves a shooter shooting at targets fired horizontally from a low and high house both as singles and pairs. Each round consists of 25 targets.

Trap shooting has targets fired away from the participant at different angles as well as different heights. The targets are also quicker than Skeet. As with Skeet, a round consists of 25 targets.

Down the line is a great discipline for beginners. A round usually consists of 25 targets, which are fired away from the shooter. The shooter stands behind the firing house, where they will fire at the rising targets which rise at a constant angle. However, the targets are fired randomly across the horizontal plane.

Sporting Clays (simulated game) uses a number of different types of clay targets. Combining different speeds and angles along with the different types and sizes of targets makes the sport very challenging. The targets might be crossing, climbing, incoming, outgoing, quartering away, streaking high overhead, or any combination of the above. Throw in some good topographical features, and you can simulate almost any game bird or field condition.


Normal shooting equipment


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