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Recreational Range Hire Charges Until 24/3/2018

Ranges Season Day 1 hour AM PM


Short Siberia

Low Weekday £17.50 £26.00 £21.00
Sat-Sun £30.00 £24.00
High Weekday £39.00 £39.00
Sat-Sun £51.00 £51.00
Century and Stickledown Electronic Targets

N.B. Hourly charge is per lane

Low Weekday £15.00 £55.00 £45.00
Sat-Sun £18.00 £60.00 £50.00
High Weekday £18.00 £60.00 £60.00
Sat-Sun £20.00 £70.00 £70.00
£20.00 per target per lane supplement will be levied for McQueen targets (Century and Short Siberia).
Cheylesmore Bay C All All  £14.00 £50.00 £50.00
Cheylesmore Bay B Butt Zero All All £100.00 £100.00
Melville Bay A All All £14.00 £51.00 £51.00
Melville (B-E)


Low Weekday £65.00 £65.00
Sat-Sun £72.00 £65.00
High Weekday £78.00 £78.00
Sat-Sun £84.00 £84.00
Club bookings for Butt Zero, Melville (Bays B to E) and Winans does not include backing boards per bay booked. Extra backing boards can be purchased in Melville for £3 each (+VAT and inclusive of 1 free target face per board), per session if required.
ROT’s[1] All All £17.50
Zero Range All All £4.00
Butt-Markers[2] All All £38.00 £38.00

(subject to availability)

All All Additional Target[3] £10
Special Target[4] POA
Gazebo £30

[1] 1 -hour slots are only available as Range Office Targets (ROT), subject to availability. Charges are per person per target.

[2]  Please refer to Range Hire Policy for terms and conditions relating to hiring of Butt-markers.

Please specifically note that a supply of Butt Markers cannot be guaranteed.

[3] Per additional handheld, Century, Stickledown and Short Siberia target only.

[4] By prior arrangement with Target Shed only.

Weekday Range Availability 2017

Please be aware, the below is subject to change at short notice due to commercial bookings.

Butt Zero

Tuesday 12th December All Day
Wednesday 13th December All Day
Thursday 14th December All Day
Friday 15th December All Day
Tuesday 19th December All Day
Wednesday 20th December All Day

Short Siberia
Thursday 14th December All Day
Friday 15th December All Day
Tuesday 19th December All Day

Heritage Dates 2018

Sunday 17th December All Day
Sunday 21st January All Day
Saturday 3rd February AM
Sunday 18th February All Day
Sunday 4th March AM
Saturday 17th March All Day
Saturday 31st March AM
Sunday 15th April All Day
Sunday 6th May AM
Saturday 19th May All Day
Saturday 2nd June AM
Sunday 17th June All Day
Saturday 4th August AM
Sunday 19th August All Day
Saturday 1st September AM
Sunday 16th September All Day
Sunday 30th September AM
Saturday 13th October All Day
Saturday 3rd November AM
Sunday 18th November All Day
Sunday 2nd December AM
Saturday 15th December All Day

Range Closure Dates 2018

Range Closure dates in date order

From To Range
21/12/17 2/1/18 All Ranges
9/1/18 10/1/18 Short Siberia
15/1/18 16/1/18 Melville
12/3/18 Melville
26/3/18 27/3/18 Butt Zero/Stickledown/Melville
28/3/18 29/3/18 Cheylesmore
30/3/18 All Ranges
23/4/18 25/4/18 Short Siberia
14/5/18 17/5/18 Century
21/5/18 24/5/18 Century
29/5/18 30/5/18 Melville
4/6/18 6/6/18 Stickledown/Butt Zero/Melville
20/8/18 Melville
21/8/18 Butt Zero/Stickledown/Melville
22/8/18 Cheylesmore
24/9/18 Short Siberia
1/10/18 4/10/18 Stickledown/Butt Zero/Melville
5/11/18 7/11/18 Century
26/11/18 27/11/18 Melville

Long Range Dates (11/1200x) 2018

Date Competition AM PM
Sat 17th March NLRC 10/1100x 1200x
Sun 18th March NLRC 10/1100x 1200x
Sat 14th April IBIS 10/1100x
Sat 21st April 1100x 1200x
Sat 28th April NLRC 10/1100x 1200x
Sun 29th April NLRC 10/1100x 1200x
Mon 7th May LMRA 10/11/1200x
Fri 11th May ENGLISH VIII 10/1100x 1200x
Sat 12th May ENGLISH VIII 10/1100x 1200x
Sun 13th May ENGLISH VIII 10/1100x 1200x
Sat 19th May NLRC 1200x 10/1100x
Fri 1st June GB F CLASS 10/1100x 1200x
Sat 2nd June LMRA 10/1100x 1200x
Sat 9th June NLRC 10/1100x 1200x
Sun 10th June NLRC 10/1100x 1200x
Sat 23rd June GB F CLASS 10/1100x 1200x
Fri 13th July ENGLISH VIII 10/1100x 1200x
Sun 5th August MLAGB 1100x 1200x
Sat 11th August CATASTROPHY 1100x
Sat 22nd September 1100x 1200x
Sat 29th September ENGLISH VIII 10/11/1200x
Sun 30th September ENGLISH VIII 10/11/1200x 1100x
Sun 14th October 1200x
Sat 10th November STIX CLUB 1200x

NRA Guest Dates 2018

Date Range
Sunday 25th February Cheylesmore
Sunday 29th April 100x Short Siberia
Saturday 23rd June 200x Short Siberia
Saturday 4th August 300x Century
Saturday 27th October 600x Century
Saturday 4th November Cheylesmore

NRA Shooting Club Days 2018

Date AM Prone Gallery PM Prone
25 November 100 300   AM -Melville 1000 100
7 December 100 Electronic 600 AM -Melville 1000 200


Participation in NRA Shooting Club days is only available for NRA Individual Members, call 01483 797 777 Ext 138/122/162 to register and book.

Notes: All fixtures are subject to confirmation: Target markers cannot be guaranteed.

Bisley Weather

Bisley weather forecast.

Information provided by the Meteorological office. The NRA has no responsibility for the accuracy of this information.