Long Range Dates (11/1200x)

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Long Range Dates (11/1200x) 2021

Date Competition AM PM
Mon 3rd May LMRA 10>11>1200X
Sat 8th May ENGLISH VIII 10>1100X 11>1200X
Sun 9th May ENGLISH VIII 10>1100X 11>1200X
Sat 22nd May NLRC MR 10>1100X 11>1200X
Sat 19th June LMRA 10>1100X 1200X
Sat 26th June NLRC MR 10>1100X 1200X
Sun 27th June NLRC MR 10>1100X 11>1200X
Sat 7th August LMRA 1100X
Sun 8th August MLAGB 1100X 1200X
Mon 30th August WRA 10>11>1200X
Sat 25th September ENGLISH VIII 11>1200X
Sun 26th September ENGLISH VIII 11>1200X
Sat 9th October NLRC MR 10>1100X 11>1200X
Sun 10th October NLRC MR 11>1200X
Sat 13th November STICKLEDOWN CLUB 1200X

1200x Practice


Sat 10th April 11>1200X
Sat 1st May 1200X
Sun 6th June 1200X
Sat 18th September 1200X

1100x Practice

Dates (Fridays)

20th March (Saturday) 1100X
21st May 1100X
18th June 1100X
24th September 1100X


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