Long Range Dates (11/1200x)

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Long Range Dates (11/1200x) 2020

Date Competition AM PM
Sunday 22nd March NLRC 10/1100x 1200x
Saturday 18th April NLRC/IBIS 1200x 10/1100x
Friday 8th May LMRA 10/11/1200x 1200x
Saturday 9th May ENG VIII 10/1100x 11/200x
Sunday 10th May ENG VIII 10/1100x 1200x
Friday 5th June 10/1100x 1200x
Saturday 6th June LMRA 10/1100x 1200x
Sat 20th June NLRC 1200x 10/1100x
Sun 21st June NLRC 1200x 10/1100x
Friday 3rd July GB F Class 10/1100x 1200x
Saturday 4th July GB F Class 10/1100x 1200x
Sunday 2nd August MLAGB 1100x 1200x
Saturday 8th August Catastrophy 1100x
Monday 31st August WRA 10/1100x 1200x
Saturday 19th September 10/1100x 1200x
Saturday 26th September ENG VIII 10/11/1200x
Sunday 27th September ENG VIII 10/11/1200x
Saturday 21st November Stickledown Club 10/11/1200x


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