NRA Charter, Rules and Strategy

  • NRA Real Estate Policy (Current) - Click here to download

    This policy statement, which covers all uses of real estate and forms of tenure at Bisley, has been adopted by the Council of the National Rifle Association (“NRA”). It is designed to assist the National Shooting Centre Limited (“NSC”) in the execution of its real estate obligations set out in the Agreement made between NRA and NSC dated 28th April 2005 (as amended). It is also designed to help members, tenants and prospective tenants at Bisley understand better the aims of the NRA in relation to its real estate and to clarify their own rights and obligations.

    This policy relates to the occupation and use of all buildings and land at Bisley by third parties and provides guidance for development.

    In applying this policy the NRA and NSC will comply with existing contractual arrangements.

  • NRA Rules - Click here to download

    The objects of the National Rifle Association (in these rules referred to as “the Association”) are the promotion and encouragement of Marksmanship throughout the Queen’s Dominions, in the interests of Defence and the Permanence of the Volunteer and Auxiliary Forces, Naval, Military and Air.

  • NRA Strategy - Click here to download

    AIMS, OBJECTIVES AND STRATEGY of the National Rifle Association Passed by The Council on 15th December 2005