What is Range Crew?

Range Crew is the collective name for the group of volunteers that provide vital support to most Action Weekends and other GR&P and TS events.

To be part of the team you just need to be willing to help look after the ranges – no qualification needed. Range Crew is a great way to experience competitions, either as a prospective competitor or to aid in developing knowledge towards a Range Officer qualification.

If you know of someone who is looking to get involved – invite them along!


Typically the various role and tasks include:

  • Chief Range Officer – A qualified RO who can manage the safety and sometimes course of fire for the specific range
  • Range Team– Can be a qualified RO, someone looking to undertake an RO course, or someone for enthusiasm for volunteering! Tasks can include scoring, helping to reface targets and checking rifles are clear
  • Stats – Inputting of scores to produce results lists
  • Butt Supervisors – For Fullbore competitions markers are required, with additional supervisors to inform and manage them through the competition specific shoots


As a Thank You for volunteering we offer flexible benefits including Meals, Accommodation and Credits: 

Crew Points (CPs):

The ‘currency’ used for Range Crew benefits. You receive 2 CPs for each half day you volunteer. You can use them:

During a Competition:

  • Breakfast / Lunch – 1CP
  • Accommodation (Hut, Caravan or Tent) – 2CPs/ night

After a Competition:

You can convert any CPs to credits which can be used towards Competition or Course entry fees – credits will be valid for 12 months. 

  • 1CP = £2.50 credit

Get Involved

Range Crew are required for a number of Meetings throughout the year, namely:

  • Target Shotgun Festivals
  • Spring Action
  • Phoenix Meeting
  • Imperial Historic Arms
  • Gallery Rifle Nationals
  • Trafalgar Meeting
  • Autumn Action

Visit our Sign-Up page for more information, or email competitions@nra.org.uk