What is Range Crew?

Range Crew is the collective name for the group of volunteers that offer their time at specific competitions, helping in a variety of roles to ensure safety and enjoyment.

You are not required to be a qualified Range Officer. Range Crew is a great way to experience competitions as a prospective competitor or to aid in developing knowledge towards a Range Officer qualification.

If you know of someone who is looking to get involved – invite them along!


Typically Range Crew are divided into groups to run specific ranges. Within these groups there are various role/tasks to undertake including:

  • Chief Range Officer – A qualified RO who can manage the safety and sometimes course of fire for the specific range
  • Range volunteers – Can be a qualified RO, someone looking to undertake an RO course, or someone for enthusiasm for volunteering! Tasks can include scoring, helping to reface targets and checking rifles are clear
  • Stats – Inputting of scores to produce results lists
  • Butt Supervisors – For Fullbore competitions markers are required, with additional supervisors to inform and manage them through the competition specific shoots


The Range Crew Benefits for Action Weekends have a new look!

As a Thank You for volunteering we offer various benefits to be used either during the Meeting. You can convert your volunteered time into credits to be used against future competitions or courses entries.


Crew Points:

Simply put, if you volunteer to be part of the Range Crew on you will get a number of ‘Crew Points’ to use towards meals or accommodation during the Meeting, or credits to be used in the next 12 months on Competition or Course entries.

You get 4 points for each full day volunteered, 1 point for each half day.

Spending points on Accommodation: Tents and Caravans are two points per pitch, per night. Huts are 2 points per person per night.



Additional nights of accommodation can be provided if reasonable to the amount of time volunteered during the Meeting.


We wish to encourage Clubs to make use of the club credit feature to enable more shooters access to courses and competitions run at Bisley and in other regions of the UK.

Get Involved

Range Crew are required for a number of Meetings throughout the year, namely:

  • Spring Action
  • Phoenix Meeting
  • Imperial Historic Arms
  • Gallery Rifle Nationals
  • Trafalgar Meeting
  • Autumn Action

Visit our Sign-Up page for more information