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⏰ 9 Days till entries open

Following careful consultation with the F Class representative Peter Dommett; this year’s programme has been rejuvenated to better suit the F Class style of shooting, and incorporates elements that will feature in the F Class World Championships 2026:
Day 1: Thursday 11th July:
– Century (300 and 600x), Times (300x), Daily Mail (500x), Wimbledon (600x)
Day 2: Friday 12th July:
– Alexandra (800x), Admiral Hutton (900x), Donegall (300x), Daily Telegraph (500x), Donaldson Memorial Final (600x)
Day 3: Saturday 13th July:
– Kent Cup (900x), Dolphin (1000x), Hobson (1000x), Corporation (1100x)
Day 4: Sunday 14th July:
– St George’s Final (900x), Duke of Cambridge (900x), Conan Doyle (1000x), Farquharson Final (1000x), Team Competition (1100x)
Competitors can choose to take part in as much or as little of the Meeting as they like, but those wishing to undertake the Grand Aggregate will need to participate in the 13 named events over the 4 day Meeting.
As in 2023, we will aim to squad those in the same Class (FTR or F Open) on the same target.
For full details please visit: online.nra.org.uk/imp155-f-class

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