This page contains static information about this yearly event. For full details and current updates please visit the specific event listing on our Online Booking Site

The Smallbore Long Range Match is a half day event run in two details starting at 200 yards and falling back to 300 yards. Any single shot rifle chambered for .22 Long Rifle, Long or Short Rimfire ammunition may be used. Magazine rifles must be loaded by single shots. A sling may be used.


Match Rifle Smallbore (MRSB): Iron, magnifying or telescopic sights may be fitted. The forward hand may also be rested, but the rifle itself may not touch the rest and the butt may not be rested or touch the ground

Target Rifle Smallbore (TRSB): Iron sights only. The forward hand may not be rested. Entries to TRSB are also eligible for MRSB prizes

Service Rifle Smallbore (SRSB): British or foreign military training rifles such as the Enfield No 2, 8 or 9, foreign equivalents or Morris tube conversions, fitted with Iron sights of any type. The forward hand may not be rested. Entries to SRSB are also eligible for TRSB and MRSB prizes


The dates for the 2021 Smallbore Long Range Match are:

  • Sunday 18th April

Full details, and the ability to book your place can be found via the: Online Booking Website

Dates for the following year are typically published in October or November


Historic Meeting results can be found via this LINK


NRA medals will be presented in an on range following the completion of the 300 yard shoot to the top placed competitors in each class in each event. The amount of medals presented depends on the amount of entries:

  • 2+ competitors – Gold medal awarded
  • 9+ competitors – Gold and Silver medals awarded
  • 21+ competitors – Gold, Silver and Bronze medals awarded