About GR&P

Within this diverse discipline there are four main categories of firearms (Full details can be found within the GR&P Handbook):

Gallery Rifle Small Bore (GRSB):

  • The standard for GRSB is a self-loading rifle with a detachable magazine
  • .22 Rimfire only
  • Iron or Optic sights

Gallery Rifle Centre Fire (GRCF):

  • Gallery Rifles in a centrefire calibre are divided into three types as follows:
    • GRCF Standard: a lever action rifle with an integral tube magazine
    • GRCF Open: any other Gallery Rifle of different design
    • GRCF Classic: any Gallery Rifle which complies with the Classics Discipline definitions of eligibility for the Imperial Historic Arms and Trafalgar Meetings.
      The ‘Spirit of the Original’ must endure 
  • Any Centrefire calibre including .38/.357, .44 or .45
  • Iron or Optic sights

Long Barrelled Pistols (LBP):

  • With an overall length of 60cm and a barrel length of 30cm these types of firearm are designed to comply with UK firearms regulations
  • This category covers all .22” rimfire Long Barrelled Pistols. It includes revolvers and self-loading guns, and also single-shot pistols
  • .22 Rimfire only
  • Iron or Optic sights

Long Barrelled Revolvers (LBR):

  • With an overall length of 60cm and a barrel length of 30cm these types of firearm are designed to comply with UK firearms regulations
  • Any Centrefire pistol calibre including .38/.357, .44 and .45 ACP
  • Iron or Optic sights


Most events are shot at distances between 10m and 50m although a few do go out to as far as 300 yards.

There is a large selection of GR events which only require range space out to 25 meters so the discipline is easily accessible. The most common shooting position is standing unsupported but some events do test the shooter’s skills from other positions such as kneeling, sitting or from the weak shoulder or hand. Some competitions are deliberate precision events whilst others require the competitor to shot and reload quite quickly. The targets can be stationary or turning at set intervals. Some targets are even moving and reactive (e.g. steel plates).

A standard set of Gallery Rifle and Pistol events exists which have courses of fire and conditions defined in the GR&P Handbook.

Action Weekends

These Competitions are open to any standard of shooter – with some events shot in classes or divisions which allow people to compete equally amongst their peers. The main events during each year are:

GR&P Imperial Meeting

During June and July the NRA host a festival of shooting, that aims to include elements for each of its disciplines. The GR&P Imperial Meeting offers similar events to an Action Weekend, with the ability to re-shoot a number of the events as many time as you like.

Club Open Meetings

In addition to events held at Bisley, Clubs across the country host their own competitions throughout the season.

For details on upcoming competitions please visit our online entry system HERE

How to get involved

We recommend that you locate a local Club and arrange a visit or contact the discipline representative via gallery@nra.org.uk

Once you are a full member of a Home Office Approved Club, you can sign up to our GR&P Skills Course

This course will provide the fundamental skills for taking part in GR&P, including individual coaching of positional shooting techniques.

The course is open to anyone who is a Full member of a Home Office Approved Club, including those who do not currently hold an FAC or possess the appropriate firearm – we can hire you one for the purpose of the course