What is it?

Sporting Rifle shooting takes place under the auspices of the British Sporting Rifle Club (BSRC). Established in 1962, the club has its own purpose built facilities for Running Deer, Running Boar and 10m running target shooting on ranges leased from the NRA. As well as the moving targets, the club also operates sporting electronic static targets for centre-fire rifles. All the ranges have been completely rebuilt over the last few years.

Running Deer

Shooting takes place from an enclosed firing point at a ‘Siamese’, or two headed, target running at 100m on a trolley across a 23m wide opening between two banks. Either one or two shoots are fired at the target in each direction using a centre-fire rifle.

Running Boar

Running boar is similar to the running deer in as much as shooters fire at a ‘Siamese’ target as it crosses a gap in front of them. The main differences between this and running deer are that it is shot at 50m, with .22″ rimfire rifles only, and that the speed of the runs can be either ‘slow’ or ‘fast’.

10m Running Target

The 10m running target range is an indoor facility located within the BSRC club house and has recently been upgraded to provide not only electronic scoring but also an automatic starting facility for individual runs. Shooting is with .177 air rifles only, but in common with the running boar, the target can be set to run at one of two speeds.


As well as the three moving target ranges there is also a 100 yard static range where a variety of sporting targets are shot


Normal shooting equipment


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How to get involved

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