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  • NRA Real Estate Policy (Current) - Click here to download

    This policy statement, which covers all uses of real estate and forms of tenure at Bisley, has been adopted by the Council of the National Rifle Association (“NRA”). It is designed to assist the National Shooting Centre Limited (“NSC”) in the execution of its real estate obligations set out in the Agreement made between NRA and NSC dated 28th April 2005 (as amended). It is also designed to help members, tenants and prospective tenants at Bisley understand better the aims of the NRA in relation to its real estate and to clarify their own rights and obligations.

    This policy relates to the occupation and use of all buildings and land at Bisley by third parties and provides guidance for development.

    In applying this policy the NRA and NSC will comply with existing contractual arrangements.

  • NRA Rules - Click here to download

    The objects of the National Rifle Association (in these rules referred to as “the Association”) are the promotion and encouragement of Marksmanship throughout the Queen’s Dominions, in the interests of Defence and the Permanence of the Volunteer and Auxiliary Forces, Naval, Military and Air.

  • NRA Strategy - Click here to download

    AIMS, OBJECTIVES AND STRATEGY of the National Rifle Association for 2018 to 2020

    Key Objectives 2018 to 2020

    Improve the perception of target shooting
    Invest to improve access to regional ranges
    Expand Training Courses and Improve Competency Certification
    Increase Bisley range utilisation
    Maintain a residual cash balance of £250k after average annual spend of at least £400k on maintenance and £500k on capital expenditure
    Improve Bisley Camp
    Improve service to members and increase NRA membership
    Make Bisley more welcoming to new and prospective shooters to promote target shooting

  • Bylaws of the NRA - Click here to download

    BY-LAWS OF THE COUNCIL (Pursuant to Rule 6 (d) of the Second Schedule to the Royal Charter) (Adopted by the Council on 9th May 2003) (Amended 3rd August 2004) (Amended 15th October 2009) (Amended 4th January 2010) (Amended 16th March 2011)

  • NRA Current Charter - Click here to download

    Current Charter Of The National Rifle Association

  • Lord Elcho's original statement of the Aims of the NRA in 1859 - Click here to download

    THE ORIGINAL AIM OF THE NATIONAL RIFLE ASSOCIATION Upon formation on 16th November 1859 For the encouragement of Volunteer Rifle Corps and the promotion of rifle shooting throughout Great Britain. PUBLISHED STATEMENT OF THE CHAIRMAN Upon the foundation of the National Rifle Association

  • Original Charter for the NRA (1890) along with the first and second schedules. - Click to download

  • Civilian use of MOD Ranges

    This page is designed to provide all the required information about the new MoD requirements to allow civilians to shoot on MoD ranges.

    The information below can be downloaded by clicking on the relevant link above.

  • FAC Form 201 (F201). - Click to download

    Firearms Liaison Officer – Iain Robertson

    Responsible for FAC renewals, Visitor permits, other firearms related matters and liaison with all firearms licensing departments throughout the country.

    Phone: +44 (0) 1483 797777 ext 154

  • FAC Variation form (F201V).

    Firearms Liaison Officer – Iain Robertson

    Responsible for FAC renewals, Visitor permits, other firearms related matters and liaison with all firearms licensing departments throughout the country.

    Phone: +44 (0) 1483 797777 ext 154

  • General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

    Members may be aware of new data protection regulations that come into effect on 25th May 2018 which may affect how clubs and other shooting organisations manage data, particularly members’ personal information.

    The NRA is working through a detailed review to ensure our compliancy and have drafted the documents  assist clubs and organisations in their own review of GDPR compliance.

  • Members guides to managing their NRA account and how to make a range booking

    NRA Members guide to updating their record

    Updating your address, contact details, communication preferences, firearms owned and shooting history.

    Range Booking Booking Terms and Conditions

    How to make a Range Booking at Bisley

    Please note that when making a Range booking at Bisley:-

    As a club you need to have valid insurance, a range pass, club shooter cqertification (SCC) card and have active club membership.

    As an individual member you need insurance and and active NRA membership together with a Shooter Certification (SCC) card.

    Contact for details of these or telephone 01483-797777 ext 162.

  • Secure Storage Charges

  • Century Range (Kongsberg) Electronic Targets user guide

  • Notes for first-time Shooter and visitor to Bisley

  • Lyme disease information and advice

  • Radio Messages

    Message codes: The following messages should be used for communication between the Firing Point and the Butts. The target number is given followed by the message code.
    0 – Raise sighting targets

    1 – Firing about to commence

    2 – No spotting disc visible

    3 – Spotting disc unmistakably disagrees with signalled value. Check the spotting disc shows last shot and signal its correct value*.
    Range Conducting Officer is to view target before passing message.

    4 – A shot has been fired but no signal has been made.
    Examine the target carefully and signal the shot if found or a miss.*

    5 – Firer has challenged for a higher value for his shot.
    Examine the whole target and signal the correct value*.

    6 – It is suspected that there is a second shot on the target. Inspect the target for a second shot. If found, mark and signal both shots. If not leave the spotting disc in the original hole*.

    7 – Miss has been signalled but firer has challenged for a scoring shot. Re-examine the target carefully and signal the shot if found or a miss*.

    8 – The spotting disc appears not to have moved. Butt Officer is to consult marker and confirm that the spotting disc is in the latest shot hole. If successive shots have been very close to each other the RO to be advised accordingly*.

    9 – Marking / shooting appears to be unduely slow.
    Butt / Range Conducting Officer to check and correct where necessary.

    10 – Stand easy. Half mast the target.

    11 – Blow off shots are about to be fired.
    Ensure that all targets are fully lowered until Message 1 is given.

    12 – Stand easy, lower target, patch out and put target back up.

    13 – Radio the number of hits as score board figures are not clear.

    14 – Firer has challenged his score. Re-examine the target and show the correct number and value of the shots*.