149th Imperial Meeting

The 149th NRA Imperial Meeting will take place between Friday 15th June to Saturday 28th July 2018

The first Imperial Meeting was contested on Wimbledon Common, in south-west London, in 1860.

The National Rifle Association have since held an annual prize meeting, with the aim to promote and encourage marksmanship throughout the Queen’s (or King’s) dominions.



 Service Rifle Individual
15 June
 Adaptive Championships
21 June
 Service Rifle Team
25 – 26 June
 Cottesloe Heath Challenge
28 June – 1 July
 Civilian Service Rifle
4 – 8 July
 Match Rifle
13 – 19 July
14 & 15 July
 Contact CCRS
 Historic Arms
14 & 15 July
 Schools Meeting
16 – 19 July
16 – 21 July
Enter on the day
 Gallery Rifle & Pistol
18 – 22 July
 F Class
20 – 24 July
 Target Rifle
20 – 28 July
 Teams (inc Schools Veterans)
16 – 28 July
 See below
 HM Queens Final
28 July
 See below


Astor Letter & Claim Form – CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD


Team matches are available in most disciplines, but team matches specific to F-Class, Match Rifle, Target Rifle and Schools are listed on THIS FORM


Team events can be categorises in to the following groups:

HM Forces
County Clubs

HM Queens Final

The first Imperial Meeting was contested on Wimbledon Common in 1860, when Queen Victoria fired the first shot and gave a prize of £250 to the best individual marksman.

The Queen’s Prize remains the premier award for the Meeting’s top shot, with the £250 prize still given to the winner.

149th Imperial Results