Notices & Signs

ALL people should appreciate that it is their responsibility to be aware of and comply with instructions and regulations together with any further instructions that are issued by the Range Office.

“DANGER LIVE FIRE” board lines are not to be crossed under any circumstances.

Bisley Speed Limit

The speed limit is 15mph on camp and drivers should conform to one-way systems. Park in designated car parks only and do not drive on verges. Do not drive on the range or, unless authorised to do so, do not drive across firing points


These are collected from the Range Office at the time of signing in.

CHANNEL 16 (or the highest channel on the radio) on any radio will communicate with Range Control, which is used as an EMERGENCY channel.

CHANNEL 1 will communicate to the butts.

  • When speaking on the radio press in the button on the side of the radio, pause then speak.
  • Call the person you wish to speak to and identify yourself. Then wait for a reply.
  • Once you have received a reply pass your message. Example: “Hello Control this is target number 27 on Century.” “This is Control go ahead target 27”
    “Target 27 what time does shooting finish today?” “Control at 4.30pm”

Range Officers will use the following code messages when communicating with the butts by radio.

The target number will be given, followed by the message number:

0 Raise sighting targets (usually 5’s and 0’s).

1 Raise target, firing about to commence.

2 No spotting disc visible.

3 Spotting disc disagrees with score board.

4 A shot has been red but no signal made. Examine target.

5 Firer has challenged for a higher score. Examine target.

6 Suspected second shot on target.

7 A miss has been signalled but firer has challenged for a shot. Examine target.

8 The spotting disc appears to not have moved. Confirm spotting disc is in the latest shot hole.

9 Marking appears to be very slow.

10 Stand easy (take a break) – half mast target (could mean finished for the shift).

11 Blow off shots about to be red. Ensure targets are lowered.

12 Stand easy (take a break) – lower target, patch out, place back up.

Range Regulations

Please follow the link below for current Range Regulations: