East Midlands Clubs

  • Blakenhall Gun Club

  • Boston Pistol Club

    Club based in Boston, Lincolnshire

  • Chesterfield and District Rifle and Pistol Club

    The Chesterfield and District Rifle and Pistol Club is located in Derbyshire close to junction 29 off the M1. Details of our clubs activities, history and our regular range days can all be found on our web site.

  • Derby Rifle and Pistol Club 1999

    We have our very own complex near Twyford, south of Derby in the East Midlands. An excellent facility with 25m, 50m and 185yd ranges, Clubroom with lounge, kitchen and toilets.

    Members mainly shoot Ruger 10/22, Gallery rifles, sporting and match C-F rifles, and enjoy travelling to Open events to compete.

    Please have a look around our website and if you like what you see, feel free to contact us.


  • Derbyshire Rifle Association

  • Derbyshire Sporting Rifle Club

  • East Bridgford Rifle Club

    We are a Home Office Approved Club with a membership interested in a wide range of shooting disciplines and accordingly hire various range locations to accommodate members requirements. We shoot black powder (BP) (muzzle loading) rifles and pistols, vintage service rifles, gallery/sports rifles, air pistols and rifles, small bore (SB) (.22in calibre) rifles and full bore (FB) (7.62mm calibre) rifles, and also shotguns. Shooting takes place at Thorpe Cloud in Derbyshire with BP and FB rifle, Castle range in Nottingham (SB and BP pistol), Bisley ranges (FB), and Weston, Newark (shotgun).

    The club meets on a regular basis at Castle range for SB rifle on Friday evenings for SB, air guns, gallery rifle and BP pistols. We arrange two weekend shoots each year at the National Shooting Centre at Bisley in Surrey and several days at Thorpe Cloud in Derbyshire.

    Shotgun shooting at Weston usually takes place on Sunday mornings.

    We have qualified instructors and free safety and shooting training in all disciplines. We can provide MoD required Safe Shooting Certificates. T

    he club takes part in various competitions throughout the year at all locations mentioned above.

  • East Coast Gun Club

    Based in the Midlands.

  • Epperstone Rifle Club

    Epperstone Rifle Club is one of Nottingham oldest rifle clubs.  Epperstone has both indoor and outdoor ranges with distances between 5 and 300 meters.
    We also attend other ranges with up to 600 meters. Regular competitions in different disciplines are held, such as Black Powder, Rim Fire, Military, Historic, etc.
    The club normally attends most Sundays and Wednesdays throughout the year.

  • Erewash and District Rifle Club

  • Gun World Shooting Club

  • Kettering and District Rifle Club

  • Kibworth Target Shooting Club

    We are a long established NRA affiliated/HO approved club with 200 or so members. Our range is leased from the Kibworth Shooting Ground, an extensive clay shooting business with whom we share parking and on-site café facilities.

    Our range is open six mornings per week, with firing points at 25, 50, and 100m.

    We are approved for smallbore rifles and pistols, gallery rifles and LBR, and black powder weapons of all calibres.

    We hold several annual competitions covering a variety of disciplines.

    Essentially, we are a friendly and sociable organisation, always open to new applications for membership.

    Address : Kibworth Shooting Ground, Main A6, Harborough Road, Kibworth Beauchamp, Leicestershire LE8 0RB

    Email : fearon@ntlworld.com

  • Killingholme Fullbore Shooting Range

    NRA and MLAGB affiliated fullbore club in Lincolnshire. open for membership. 11 shooting positions with fullbore rifle,.22 rifle, gallery rifle and muzzle loading pistols and rifles. A friendly and well run club. New members welcomed.

  • Kingfisher Rifle Club

  • L N E R Rifle and Pistol Shooting Club

  • Langar Rifle Club

    Langar RC is a Home Office approved club and has for over 20 years been one of Nottinghamshire’s premier target shooting venues. Our 25 yard heated indoor range, situated near the village of Langar, is where we shoot a variety of rimfire rifle and pistol disciplines using static and turning targets to national and local competition level. Air rifle and pistol are also used at the range. Many club members also engage in centrefire target shooting over distances up to 1000yards with frequent visits to The National Shooting Centre at Bisley and other more local ranges. There is also scope to shoot Black Powder and historic firearms through our connections with other clubs who offer these pursuits. Our safety led approach to probationary and continuation training is delivered in-house by NRA qualified instructors to the highest standards. New members are always welcome.

  • Mattersey Rifle & Pistol Club

    The website of Mattersey Rifle & Pistol Club

  • Merlin Archery Centre

    Loughborough, Leicestershire

  • North East Lincolnshire Target Club

    Members shooting club based in Bradley, Grimsby, N E Lincolnshire. Our friendly, family oriented club offers indoor facilities for .22 rimfire rifle, pistol calibre rifle (eg .38, .357, 9mm), long barrelled pistols/revolvers. black powder pistols/revolvers, air pistols and air rifles.
    We also have a Long Range Rifle section which shoots fullbore rifle regularly at MoD Strensall York. Our club building has level access throughout with disabled toilets and our comfortable lounge is an ideal place to relax before and after shooting.
    For membership enquiries please email our Secretary, Steve Davidson, at: secretary@neltc.org.uk

  • Northampton Target Sports Club

    Northampton Target Sports Club (NTSC) is a Home Office approved Shooting Club for smallbore rifle, pistol calibre rifles & Muzzle Loading pistols located in Northamptonshire. We also shoot all forms of Air Pistols & Air Rifles.

  • Nottingham City Rifle Club

    Nottingham City Rifle Club is a friendly target rifle shooting club located in the city centre of Nottingham, UK.
    Located within a 5 minute walk of Nottingham City Centre we meet every Tuesday evening from 6.00pm to approx 9.00pm, shooting smallbore target rifles and other rifles.
    Some Members also shoot full bore target rifle at other ranges.

  • Nottingham Royal Ordnance Rifle and Pistol Club

    We are a home office approved target shooting club and have to stick to strict rules set out by them. Our guest days are the first Monday of the month when visitors can attend by appointment and shoot firearms under the instruction of the members.
    Our main shooting activities are competition small-bore and full-bore rifle shooting, vintage service rifles, gallery rifles and black-powder firearms but we support virtually all the shooting disciplines.

  • Oundle Rifle & Pistol Club

    Oundle Rifle & Pistol Club is a target shooting club in Oundle, Northamptonshire for FAC and non-FAC holders.

  • Peak Rifle and Pistol Club



    Peak Rifle are looking for Candidates to join our Firearms Club.

    We welcome new F.A.C and Probationers wanting to learn to shoot on a one-to-one basis for Men and Women and Disabled Persons as well.

    The ranges start at 100 yards to 500 yards. We are also looking for Candidates to be taught by the N.R.A to become R.S.O and R.C.O For the right Candidate with a Certification Paper.

    We shoot on a quarry type Field and only so many times a year our Fee is once a year and no Extra no Green Fees

    Our members are very experienced and helpful IN ALL CALIBRES 


  • Reepham Shooting Centre

    Reepham Shooting Centre is a friendly shooting club near Lincoln

  • Robin Hood Gun Club

    Robin Hood Gun Club is a Home Office Approved club based at the Wentworth Sporting Supplies shop in Arnold Nottingham.

    We have six Air Rifle and six Firearms Ranges ( Small Bore) 25 Yards long, also 100 Yards at the ANSAC Tunnel off Carlton Road (every alternate Saturday).

    For opening times and days email our Secretary at secretary@rhgc.org.uk

  • S.C.Derby Rifle & Pistol Club

    Small bore & Full bore Target Shooting at ranges across Derbyshire.

    Find us on Facebook & Instagram or

    Email: miniatureleague@outlook.com

  • Swadlincote Rifle & Pistol Club

    A multidiscipline club situated on a five acre site in South Derbyshire. Currently affiliated to NRA, NSRA, MLAGB, DRA, EMTSA.
    Disciplines include HV Centrefire Rifle, Gallery Rifle, .22 R/F and .17 R/F Rifle, Blackpowder Rifle, Muzzle Loading Pistol, Precision Air Rifle and Air Pistol, Sporting Air Rifle, Practical Shotgun and Practical Rifle, Archery.
    Recently renewed five outdoor range safety certificates to NRA style civilian certificates.

  • Uppingham Veterans Rifle Club

    The Uppingham Veterans’ Rifle Club is open to any Old Uppinghamian who is a member of the OU Association and subject to the Firearm Act legal requirements.

    Annual shoots are held in Uppingham for the match against the school, and in Bisley for the Veterans’ Match.

    For more information, visit the website: https://uvrc.uk/


  • Virtus Rifle Club

    Virtus Rifle Club specializes in Long Range and Extreme Long Range full bore shooting. We travel the UK visiting private, NRA & MoD ranges with frequent trips to Bisley.

    The Club has an excellent in-house training program from very experienced Instructors in shooting skills, Reloading and Range Safety – so even if you are new to Long Range Shooting, we will get you there safely and accurately.

    The Club is a proud signatory of the Armed Forces Covenant and welcomes applications from Servicemen and Veterans as well as those without links to the Services.

    Please contact us through the website for more information or an application form. Shoot Safe!