London Clubs

  • 26th Middlesex Rifle & Pistol Club

    Off Slades Hill / Enfield Road, opposite Links Side.
    Nearest Postal Code EN2 7HW
    Current night is Thurdays , from around 5pm to 10pm, but the club is open Tuesday & Wednesdays for .22 Full Bore rifle.
    Other nights are possible.
    The Club has a Indoor / Covered range 30 metres by 6-8 lanes. With lighting.
    A outside range of 100 yards and a 50 & 25 under construction.

  • 27th London (Putney) Rifle Club

    The 27th London Putney Rifle Club shoots regularly at Bisley, Surrey.
    We shoot Target Rifles, Black Powder, Shotgun and F-class. For more information, or if you are interested in attending a guest day please email us

  • 27th/30th Middlesex (1944) Rifle Club

  • Barbarians Rifle Club

  • BBC Rifle Club

    For membership details please contact us via


  • Blazer Rifle & Pistol Club

  • British Airways Clubs Rifle & Pistol section

    We are part of BA Clubs and are based at the Concorde Club in Cranford near Heathrow Airport. Membership of the Rifle & Pistol section is open to both BA employees and non-BA employees on a family or associate basis.
    Membership of British Airways Clubs is a requirement, following successful application for Rifle & Pistol section membership.
    Please see the weblink for more details.

  • British Pistol Club

    The British Pistol Club was founded in 1957, for the encouragement of International Pistol Shooting, and is the oldest and largest shooting club exclusive to pistol in Great Britain.
    Since its inception the Club has provided competitions and training in accordance with the International Shooting Sports Federation (ISSF). Using air pistols, we are currently shooting, at 25m; Standard Handgun, Standard Pistol, 25m Pistol and Rapid Fire and at 10m to ISSF Rules; Standard Pistol, Rapid Fire, 60 Shot Men’s and 40 Shot Ladies events.
    We also offer the 10 from 13 muzzle loading event at 25m for single shot Pistol, and Revolver.

  • British Snipers Club

  • Bullet Lodge Rifle Club

  • Bunhill Rifle Club

    Bunhill Rifle Club is now 18 years old. Designed to fill the gap betweeen cadet and senior shooting, this has now been widened to include young persons who wish to start shooting without any previous experience.
    Development over the years has allowed us to build up a number of experienced coaches, backed up by our own group of Range Officers.
    Shooting takes place every month throughout the year, other than July and August when the Imperial Rifle Meeting takes place and August when most of our members are taking holidays.

  • Caps Shooting Association

  • Carshalton Rifle Club

    We are one of the leading shooting clubs in London with a wide range of activities and shooting disciplines available to our club members. Our club house and indoor range is open all year round and it is possible to shoot six days a week.
    There is a style of shooting to appeal to just about everyone, ranging from air pistols through to smallbore and fullbore targets.
    We also offer a clay pigeon option with one of our partners at a shooting ground near Gatwick.

  • Caterham And District Rifle Club

    The club shoots Light Sport Rifle, .22 Prone, Air Pistol and Air Rifle on our own indoor ranges open 7 days a week and a very active full-bore section at Bisley shooting 100-1200 yards at least once a month.

  • Central Bankers Rifle Club

  • Charter Gun Club

  • Cheam Sporting Rifle Club

  • City of London Rifle & Pistol Club

  • City Rifle Club

    The City Rifle Club, based at Bisley, offers club members the opportunity for a 24/7 access locker on camp, subsidised fullbore matches through the year, and a clubhouse on camp. We are open during major meetings and competitions, and by prior arrangement otherwise.

    We support Target Rifle, Match Rifle, F Class primarily, also Gallery rifle and Smallbore. We are open to new members and have lockers available.

    For more details see our website  City Rifle Club or contact

  • City Sportsman Rifle Club

  • Club Twenty Five

  • Concord Rifle Club

    We welcome all shooters whatever their experience from beginner upwards. We shoot all classes of firearm from black powder to fullbore target & match rifle.

    Though we meet at Bisley we are not a competition centred club. We also shoot clay pigeon locally with our sister club – Comet Clays – though not at Bisley. We meet every month, usually on the last Sunday.

  • East Barnet Shooting Club

    Visit our website for more details.

  • East London Small Arms Club

  • Enever Rifle & Pistol Club

  • Etessa Rifle & Pistol Club

  • Hampton Rifle Club

  • Ham and Petersham Rifle and Pistol Club

    Visit our website for more details.

  • Hendon Rifle Club

    Located in west London near Brent Cross shopping centre. Mainly smallbore shooting, prone and standing gallery rifles

  • Imperial College Rifle and Pistol Club

    Contains information on the club, where we shoot, what we shoot as well as some useful information on how to shoot.

  • IBIS Rifle Club

    Looking for a small but conveniently situated Club with excellent facilities that holds Club days once a fortnight?

    We offer a warm welcome to newly qualified TR and F-Class shooters.

    Our membership includes a past winner of HM The Queen’s Prize, National and County standard shooters and members wiht a broad expereince of various other disciplines.

    To find out more:

    Download the brochure: IBIS Rifle Club Leaflet

    Visit the website:

    Visit the Clubhouse (look at the website calendar for dates we are open)


  • Lee Enfield Rifle Association

    Visit our website for more details.

  • London Historic Shooting Club 

    The London Historic Shooting Club is a club created to encourage historic rifle shooting amongst young people no matter their ability level.

    We shoot at Bisley in Surrey primarily at distances of 100-300 yards but we also shoot gallery rifle at shorter distances.

    Our aim is to be an accessible, affordable and friendly club enabling young people with an interest in shooting, no matter who they are, to shoot a wide array of historic firearms.

    Whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced shooter you are welcome at LHSC. We can provide training ranging from basic safety to more advanced marksmanship technique. If you do choose to take part in LHSC shoots we welcome firearms of all ages, ranging from matchlock muskets to not particularly historic AR-15’s. We have competitions to suit all tastes

    Location / Ranges – We use Bisley ranges for both gallery and fullbore shooting

    Opening Times – We shoot once a month for a full day of shooting and sometimes for a full weekend

    Disciplines and Calibres – Our primary disciplines are historic service rifle and civilian service rifle but we also do muzzle-loading rifle, gallery rifle, target shotgun, muzzle-loading pistol and clay pigeon. All calibres within bisley range limits are allowed.



  • London Practical Shooting Club

    Practical shooting at Bisley and surrounding ranges including Practical Rifle, Gallery Rifle and Practical Shotgun.

  • Marylebone Rifle & Pistol Club

    Promoting the shooting sports in the heart of the City of London.

  • North London Rifle Club

    North London Rifle Club Website

    The North is a friendly club for people who enjoy target shooting, particularly full-bore Target Rifle (TR) and Match Rifle (MR), F Class Open and TR. We offer supportive training for beginners, leading to NRA safety certification, and development programmes right through to international class. The North’s teams are winners! We have a thriving youth section, with members as young as 8.
    Our beautiful and extensive clubhouse has friendly staff and welcoming full-time club stewards Alison and Martin Lloyd. The clubhouse is in a prime location adjacent to the shotgun facilities and Century Range. It offers dining for up to 70 people, a bar newly renovated with real ales and draught lagers and ciders, a bar menu and variety of cold foods for lunchtime. The veranda and lounge are for relaxing and enjoying good company. The clubhouse has showers, a commodious gunroom, bedroom accommodation, and wi-fi broadband throughout. There’s a comprehensive ammunition reloading facility.

    For more information on opening times and services available please contact the Stewards or see the Facebook page:
    The Stewards – Alison and Martin
    North London Rifle Club
    Club Row, Bisley, Brookwood, Woking, Surrey, GU24 0NY



  • Northwood Rifle & Pistol Club

    Northwood Rifle & Pistol Club was founded in 1911 and is one of the longest established shooting clubs in Middlesex.
    We are Home Office Approved and situated in the Northwood/Ruislip area. We have a 25m Outdoor range at which we shoot Air Pistol, .22 rifle and pistol calibre.38/.357 .44 and .45 Underlever rifle on Saturdays throughout the year.
    The positions we shoot are standing, kneeling and sitting.
    The Club is affiliated to the National Rifle Association and we shoot Fullbore Rifle regularly at Bisley at distances from 100yds to 1000yds.
    We also participate in Shotgun shooting, sporting clays locally, and Target Shotgun at Bisley.
    Deer hunting in the UK and game hunting in South Africa is also available for those who are BASC members and DSC1 qualified. We can provide the necessary training laid down by the Home Office to allow you to own and shoot your own rifles and instruction towards gaining a shooting competency certificate.

  • Norwesters

    Norwesters is a Home Office approved club affiliated to the NRA. We shoot a variety of disciplines at Bisley throughout the year, usually on the third Sunday of each month, at ranges from 25 to 1,000 yards.
    If you are interested in membership, guest days, or any other aspect of the club, please visit our website:

  • Parthians Full Bore Rifle Club

    Parthians is a small, friendly Home Office Approved club that meets and shoots at Bisley monthly from February to the end of November.

    Club ompetitions run throughout the year and Parthians enters a team in the London Middlesex League.

    Bench Rest, F-Class and Pront disciplines are available.

    The club has qualified instructors and Range Conducting Officers.

    Parthians would welcome new membesr (over 18).  A number of rifles and also equipment is available.

    Contact the Club Secretary in the first instance: Mr B T Newman –

  • Phoenix Shooting Club

    Phoenix Shooting Club was formed in the 80’s and until the pistol ban of 1997, was primarily a practical pistol club.
    Since the pistol ban we have had to look at different shooting disciplines for our shooting enjoyment and although we cannot shoot pistol competitions here in the UK we can still shoot action target events either with Shotguns or .22 rifles.
    We also shoot Gallery rifle and full-bore rifle.

  • Police Sport UK Shooting Section

    Visit our website for more details.

  • Pumas Rifle Club

    We are a Home Office approved club, affiliated to the NRA.
    The object of the club is to encourage participation in fullbore target rifle events, within a team or as an individual, by providing a supportive environment.

  • Sidcup & District Rifle Club

    We are a friendly and safe club. We shoot at Bisley twice a month all through the year

  • South London Rifle Club

    South London RPC was founded in November 1874 at Nunhead in South London and completely moved to Bisley by 1923. Since its foundation South London RPC has encouraged target shooting with rifle and later with pistol.
    The club has helped many shooters to championship standard and today we are still involved with coaching new and existing shooters, and taking part in competitions. Our members take part in many of the competitions at Bisley as well as the competitions we organise for ourselves.
    Our members have the full use of our clubhouse at Bisley, which is located close to Fulton’s Gunshop and close to the NRA Range Office.
    The clubhouse has a kitchen, sleeping accommodation and a gunroom for cleaning guns. Further information and details about joining the club may be obtained by sending an email using the link on our website.

  • Spent Cases Shooting Club

    Visit our website for more details.

  • St Nicholas Rifle & Pistol Club

    Visit our website for more details.

  • Stock Exchange Rifle Club

    The Stock Exchange Rifle Club was founded in 1901 by Sir Robert W Inglis, then Chairman of the Stock Exchange. The main aim of the club was to teach full bore rifle shooting on an indoor .22 range in London.
    In 2013 we opened our current indoor range at London Bridge, in the City of London. Here you can enjoy .22 rifle, rim fire and centre fire gallery rifle and air pistol and rifle disciplines. SERC also has a large full bore section whose home is still with the LMRA clubhouse at Bisley. We have members from all walks of life and all locations. If you follow the link to our web site you will be able to find the details as to how you can join the club.

  • Surbiton Postal Rifle Club

    Founded in 1966. Surbiton Postal Rifle Club is based on the border of Kingston Upon Thames and Surbiton, Surrey. We are a Home Office approved target shooting club.
    Our club boasts many facilities. Including 3 indoor ranges, with over 24 heated and ventilated firing points. Disabled access is available througout the club. Training and coaching is available at all levels from beginner to expert.
    We have dedicated nights for youngsters, many of our Juniors have gone on to win international competitions! We offer many different disciplines of shooting using .22 rimfire rifle or pistol, pistol calibre rifles, air rifle and air pistol.

  • The 92 Association

    We are a small friendly Home Office Approved and NRA Affiliated Certified Training Club who usually shoot once a month at Bisley.

    Our shooting competitions include: Full-bore rifle, gallery rifle and black powder revolver.

    Existing members are drawn from the Home Counties and we welcome new members whether they be beginners or old hands. Our Club Secretary can be contacted by emailing for further information.

    For more information, download the club brochure: The 92 Association Club Leaflet

  • University of London Rifle Club

    The UK’s premier university shooting club based in the heart of lively London. If you’re interested in shooting and you go to the University of London, drop us a line.

  • Watford OCA

    The Watford and District and Watford OCA rifle club