County of Lancaster Rifle AssociationĀ 

To provide information on full-bore shooting activities in the County of Lancaster for affiliated clubs, members and interested parties.

Cumbria & Northumbria Target Shooting AssociationĀ 

The CNTSA is the small-bore County Association in the very North of England. We run Open Shoots and Postal Leagues in which all are welcome to participate.

Doveridge Clay Sports Ā 

Doveridge Clay Sports is a premium shooting facility based between Stoke and Derby. It has played host to prestigious shooting events including Championships for England, Britain and even the World. With their own shotgun academy, the grounds is ideal for honing skills and taking part in club and tournament shooting.

Hampshire Rifle AssociationĀ 

Hampshire Rifle Association (HRA) is a Home Office approved organisation (number FMS 03 24/25/1/5), which is affiliated to the National Rifle Association (NRA). HRA controls fullbore target rifle shooting for the county of Hampshire. HRA enters teams in inter-county events and runs a full programme of friendly matches.

Hampshire Smallbore Rifle & Pistol AssociationĀ 

Formed and exists as a voluntary organisation to promote and support the sport of Small-bore Rifle and Pistol Shooting within the County of Hampshire, Isle of Wight, the Bailiwick of Guernsey and affiliated Clubs from surrounding Counties.

Herefordshire Breech Loading Rifle AssociationĀ 

Hertfordshire Rifle AssociationĀ 

London & Middlesex RA Ā 

Middlesex Small-Bore RAĀ 

Norfolk County Rifle AssociationĀ 

Umbrella organisation for target shooting clubs in the county of Norfolk.

Northants, Leicestershire & RutlandĀ 

Northants and local counties website. Offers information on upcoming events and news as well as past scores and results.

Nottinghamshire Rifle AssociationĀ 

The Nottinghamhshire Rifle Association was established in 1861 to promote excellence in target shooting in the County and City of Nottingham. We cover small bore, full bore and black powder disciplines and are affiliated to the NSRA, NRA and MLAGB. We are a company limited by guarantee and a registered charity.

Staffordshire Smallbore Rifle AssociationĀ 

Suffolk County Rifle AssociationĀ 

Surrey Venture Scouts Rifle ClubĀ 

Ulster Rifle AssociationĀ 

Wiltshire County Shooting AssociationĀ 

Wiltshire County Shooting Association represents and supports its members and affiliated clubs, selects and manages county teams, and provides competitions for shooters within the County. It is affiliated to its national governing bodies and is administered by a committee of elected officers.

Yorkshire Rifle AssociationĀ