Useful Links

  • National Shooting Centre Clays

    The NCSC superb layouts, built for the 2002 Commonwealth Games are equipped with 72 Mattarelli traps and offer impressive facilities for clay shooters of all abilities. The facilities include computer controlled scoring, trap sequencing, acoustic release (on all layouts) and covered stands, all of this against the backdrop of over 3000 acres of unspoilt Surrey heathland.

  • Air Cadets 

  • Bedworth and District Air Rifle League 

    Home Page for Bedworth and District Air Rifle League, Matches on Tuesday nights and start at around 8.00pm and usually finish before 11.00pm. The competitions are shot indoors at a range of 6 yards on standard bell targets (3/8″ dia bull) with occasional matches shot on 6 yard paper targets for individual cup competitions. The air rifles are 0.177″ (4.5mm) Calibre. (No Field target Rifles allowed under League Rules) League Meetings are on 1st Wednesday of the month at the League Headquarters IMPORTANT: All persons taking part in the “Bedworth & District Air Rifle League” do so entirely at their own risk.

  • Bisley Field Targets Organisation 

    The Bisley Field Target Organisation Air Rifle & Pistol Club (BFTO AR & PC) website has been set up for providing information for potential new members as well as existing members. The Club provides a safe and attractive open air environment where both paper and metal silhouette targets can be shot.

  • British Shooting Sports Council 

  • British Schools Small-Bore Rifle Association 

    The BSSRA offers Small-Bore Rifle Competitions for both School and Veterans Teams

  • Campaign for Shooting 

    The campaign for shooting is part of the Countryside Alliance.

  • Clay Pigeon Shooting Association 


    The National body representing Civil Servants and former Civil Servants envolved in all Shooting Sports across the country.

  • Council for Cadet Rifle Shooting 

    CCRS acts as a central body, which can speak with authority and give advice on cadet shooting matters. Its responsibilities, exercised with the approval of the Ministry of Defence, include liaison between other representative shooting authorities and units of the pre-Service cadet organisations and the dissemination of information on shooting matters effecting cadets. In addition to arranging and administering shooting competitions, postal matches, coaching courses and other shooting events for cadets at schools and units in the Commonwealth, CCRS also provides administrative support for cadet teams selected to represent Great Britain in National and International matches, both at home and overseas.

  • Countryside Alliance

  • Disabled Shooting Project 

    Target shooting is the most accessible and inclusive of all mainstream sports – this is the Disabled Shooting Project’s key message. Our role is to help as many people as possible to enjoy this great sport, either by helping them into it, or by helping them to stay in it.

  • GB 300m Shooting website 

  • Great Britain Under 25 (Target Rifle) 

    Great Britain Under 25 website. Contains information on tours, past matches, previous Captains as well as upcoming events.

  • Guernsey Rifle Club 

  • HARC Miniature League 

    The Historic Arms Resource Centre

  • Herts and Essex Shooting Association 

  • Jersey Rifle Association 

  • Muzzle Loaders Association of Great Britain 

    The MLAGB was formed in 1952 and is the Governing Body for muzzle loading within the UK. Its objectives are to encourage an interest in muzzle loading firearms; to promote, regulate and safeguard their use; and to preserve their freedom of collection.

  • National Rifle Club of Scotland 

    The National Rifle Club of Scotland was founded in 1872 for the encouragement and development of scientific long range rifle shooting. The Club represents Scotland in long range Match Rifle shooting, in particular for the Elcho Match which is shot at Bisley at 1000, 1100 and 1200 yards. The home range in Scotland is at Blair Atholl which has firing points going back to 1233 yards.

  • National Small-bore Rifle Association 

  • Northern Ireland Practical Shooting Confederation 

    NIPSC is the Regional Directorate for IPSC shooting in Northern Ireland and is one of 94 regions that span the globe as part of the International Practical Shooting Confederation.

    NIPSC is recognised by the Northern Ireland Government, the Police Service of Northern Ireland and the Ministry of Defence as the governing body for the sport of IPSC Shooting in Northern Ireland. IPSC competition differs from most other forms of target shooting in that a variety of target types are used. These include paper and steel, stationary and moving, scoring and penalty targets. There is no fixed way in which these targets must be arranged. A competition organiser creates a number of courses of fire or ?stages? each using different numbers and arrangements of targets, to create a shooting challenge that the competitor has to solve as accurately and as rapidly as possible.

  • Scottish Rifle Association 

  • Scottish Smallbore Rifle Association 

    The Scottish Smallbore Rifle Association is the Scottish governing body for the Olympic and Commonwealth sports of smallbore and air rifle target shooting. There are three disciplines within that remit – Smallbore Prone Rifle, Smallbore 3-Positions Rifle and Air Rifle – each held separately for men and women at international level.

  • Skeet shooters aims: are to bring together in one portal …all the best of whats been written already, together with news, views and general information about skeet shooting. We hope the site will be of interest to the new shooter, the shooter new to skeet as well as those of you who are already hooked on one of the most exciting of the clay shooting disciplines.

  • The British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) 

    BASC is a professional organisation representing members from every branch of shooting. We care passionately about our sport. The shooting men and women of the past have handed down a legacy which we are determined to pass on, in turn, to those who will come after us.

  • The Historical Breechloading Smallarms Association 

    The Historical Breechloading Smallarms Association was founded in 1973 to encourage the preservation of breechloading firearms and to foster study of all the aspects from the aesthetics of the sporting gunmaker and engraver’s art to the functional equipment of the soldier or target shooter. Arms have always played a central role, not just in military and social history, but in technological an industrial development, art and culture. Great Britain has been in the forefront of the development of the modern firearm. Since its inception, the H.B.S.A. has taken a leading role in ensuring that the nation?s heritage of arms and the interests of its collectors are protected under the law, and has been successful in its aims at both national and European levels. It also provides an unparalleled source of information for those involved in the legislative process, and holds symposia at national and international levels. The Association has been organised on a national and regional basis. It is a member of F.E.S.A.C., the Federation of European Societies of Arms Collectors. It is also a Home Office Approved Rifle Club. Membership is by election, and it offers two classes of full membership, which require active participation, corresponding membership for supporters at home or overseas, institutional membership and club affiliation. Details about membership or branches may be obtained from: BCM HBSA, The Hon Secretary, LONDON, WC1N 3XX

  • United Kingdom Benchrest Association 

    The United Kingdom Benchrest Association was established in 1993 to promote American-style benchrest shooting in the UK. We shoot benchrest at 100, 300 and 1000 yards using the facilities at Diggle Ranges in the north west.

  • Vintage Arms Association 

    A vintage firearm is any smallarm which was in production or experimental before the end of the year 1945 AD, or any design variation of such a smallarm in which no improvement in accuracy has been effected by the design change. Accurate reproductions of an original are acceptable.

    The Objects of the Association are to foster an interest in vintage firearms and support the possession and use of vintage and modern firearms whether for competition or practice in accordance with Home Office conditions and approval by encouraging; a) the attainment of skill in the use of such weapons so that members will be better able to serve their country in time of peril, by providing facilities for range practice and organising suitable competitions, b) the preservation and collecting of such weapons by members, and c) an exchange of information on the construction, history and use of various weapons through the periodical newsletter or Journal.

  • Welsh Rifle Association 

    The Welsh Rifle Association are the governing body for fullbore shooting in Wales

  • Bench Grade Brands Ltd 

    Distributors of leading firearms, training and ammunition including the world’s shortest and most compact sniper weapon systems from Desert Tactical Arms.

    Click here to contact us by email, or phone us on 01604 686800.

  • Dolphin Gun Company 

    Dolphin produce custom rifles for all Long Range Disciplines.

    We manufacture our own range of products and accessories.

    Dolphin is the largest stockists of rifle components in Europe and lead times are extremely short for custom rifle builds.

    We have World, European and National Champion F-Class shooters using our rifles.

    Click here to contact us by email, or phone us on 01507 343898 or 0774 7771962

  • Edgar Brothers 

    Largest UK importer, distributor and wholesaler of firearms, shotguns, ammunition, propellants, components, optics, mounts, knives, torches, clothing and other shooting accessories from over 90 suppliers and with over 65 years experience in the shooting industry. Trade only supplied at Macclesfield, but please contact us for catalogues, other enquiries, advice and the address of your nearest stockist.

    Click here to contact us by email, or phone us on 01625 613177

  • G.E. Fulton & Son 

    G.E. Fulton & Son has been established at Bisley since 1890.

    The shop is open 7 days a week throughout the year to meet the needs of shooters calling or on camp.

    We stock a full range of target rifles, air rifles and pistols and all accessories.

    Click here to contact us by email, or phone us on 01483 473 204

  • Holland & Holland 

    Holland & Holland guns are celebrated throughout the world as the perfect combination of artistry and craftsmanship. Founded in 1835, the company combines all the wonders of modern component-making technology, with the same care and craftsmanship in the gun-making and finishing operations that inspired in all their craftsmen all those years ago. With its very own Shooting Grounds offering unrivalled facilities for the sporting gun, set in sixty acres of rolling woodland and open countryside, just 17 miles from Central London. Holland & Holland also offers an exclusive line of clothing and accessories.

    Click here to contact us by email, or phone us on 0207 499 4411

  • HPS Target Rifles Ltd 

    HPS is Britain’s premiere target rifle supplies company. Commercial manufacturer and supplier of a vast range of top quality Target Master Ammunition, from new to once fired to reloading free issue cases, HPS offer a bespoke ammunition service for both target shooting and hunting.

    Manufacturing their own aluminium (“The HPS Convertible”) and wooden target rifle stocks, HPS can build you a custom rifle to suit your specification. From ammunition, target rifles, range equipment and accessories, HPS provides the target shooter a variety of products and services and should be your first stop for all your shooting needs.

    Click here to contact us by email, or phone us on 01531 822 641, or fax 01531 828 741.
    We are only a short drive from J3 off the M50. Call first, but do come by and see us!

  • J H Steward (Bisley) Opticians 

    Opticians specialising in vision aspects for all shooting disciplines.
    We supply ZEISS – Sports for clay, game, F class. We also supply CHAMPION shooting glasses for target rifle and pistol. Rear sight lenses supplied.
    Advice given on prescription, tints, eye dominance problems and eye safety.
    Telephone J.H.Steward(Bisley) Opticians on 01275-838532 Fax 01275 835075
    or Click here to email us.

  • Qinetiq 

    QinetiQ is a company of scientists and engineers essential to sovereign capability. The technical expertise and domain know-how of our people are our principal sources of competitive advantage and are well matched to the emerging themes in our markets. By leveraging our distinctive facilities and integrating our core capabilities, we play a critical role in helping customers meet current and future challenges.

    QinetiQ is a company of scientists and engineers essential to sovereign capability. The technical expertise and domain know-how of our people are our principal sources of competitive advantage and are well matched to the emerging themes in our markets. By leveraging our distinctive facilities and integrating our core capabilities, we play a critical role in helping customers meet current and future challenges.

    Contact us: 01252 392 000

  • Rangemaster Precision Arms 

    Providing a large selection of quality target, tactical and hunting rifles, RPA actions, RPA triggers, RPA sights, and accessories.

    Click here to contact us by email, or phone us on 0845 880 3222

  • is home to the UK’s biggest range of rifle magazines. With hundreds of magazine types in stock and free UK delivery as standard.

    Nottingham target shooters Dom & Beverley who run believe in sensible prices and friendly “down the range” service, helping UK shooters keep their rifles well fed since 2010. If ever you have any questions about magazines they are always happy to help.

    Click here to contact us by email, or phone us on 0845 544 2075

  • Shooting Services 

    Worldwide commercial distributor for Accuracy International precision rifles.

    Sales of AI rifles have soared as their reputation for reliability and precision has increased in the shooting world.
    Also supply a wide range of accessories and ammunition geared to precision shooting and ballistic testing.

    Click here to contact us by email, or phone us on 01342 716427

  • Sykes Global Services 

    McQueen Targets produces almost 20 million targets a year, distributing to over 30 countries. We have supplied targets to the British armed services, Police constabularies and National Shooting organisations for over 100 years.

    We also supply a range of items to cover all your shooting needs including spotting discs, patches and danger flags for ranges.

    Click here to contact us by email, or phone us on 01896 664269

  • Viking Arms 

    Viking Arms distributes leading brand names in Firearms, Ammunition and shooting accessories. Our products must offer quality, value and innovation. Sourced from the industries leading manufacturers they are all backed by the Viking Warranty, customer service and fifty years of industry experience.

    Click here to contact us by email, or phone us on 01423 780810

  • William Evans  

    William Evans at Bisley Camp is the first reference point for shooting sportsmen and women. We provide everything from firearms and ammunition, hearing protection, to shooting socks. Our gun room racks contain traditional game shotguns and rifles, clay-shooting guns and tactical sporting firearms for our target shooting customers.

    Click here to contact us by email, or phone us on +44 (0)1483 486500