South East Clubs

  • 1066 Rifle and Pistol Club

    The 1066 Rifle and Pistol Club is situated in Hastings, East Sussex and is Home Office approved for all legal classes of firearm.
    We have our own indoor range and shoot monthly at Bisley and the military ranges at Hythe and Lydd. See our website for further information.

  • 21st Kent Home Guard Rifle Club

  • 32nd/61st Surrey Hg Rifle Club

  • 5th Sussex Home Guard Rifle Club

    We shoot at:
    The Worthing Leisure Centre
    Shaftesbury Road,
    West Worthing BN12 4ET
    Every Friday at 8.00 p.m. in the Projectile Room
    All new members are welcome!
    On a first visit, we will explain the rules and ethos of the Club.
    Please do not expect to shoot on your first visit.
    All new members are vetted by the police which takes four to six weeks, followed by a three month probationary period.
    During this period, tuition is given.

  • Addlestone Rifle Club

    Addlestone is a small but friendly Club with about 30 members. We rent Chobham Rifle Range one night a week (Thursday) to shoot lightweight sporting rifle and target rifle at 20, 25 and 50 metres.
    We have a few full-bore rifle visits a year to Bisley Ranges and we have a small clay pigeon shooting section.

  • Aldershot Rifle and Pistol Cub

    Visit our website for more details.

  • Army Target Shooting Club

    Visit our website for more details.

  • Artists Rifle Club

    Home page of the Artists’ Rifle Club, with shoot programme, application forms and contact details.
    We retain no connection with the Artists’ Rifle Clubhouse – please see Mars and Minerva Rifle Club.

  • Ashford & District Rifle Club

    The range can accommodate up to 10 air gun shooters or 5 prone rifle shooters or 3 gallery shooters at any one time. Proposals are now being made to construct a 50Metre outdoor rifle range adjacent to the present building.

  • Balcombe Rifle & Pistol Club

    The Balcombe Rifle and Pistol Club was first opened in November 1906.
    We are affiliated with the NRA, NSRA, and shoot competitions with the West Sussex and Worthing leagues. We have also had members shoot with the Sussex County team.
    A new outdoor range has been recently opened allowing us to shoot 50/100 yard small-bore rifle.
    The range is sited in Stockcroft road between the Victory Hall and the Parish Room.
    The range is available to members at any time (within reason) but the main meeting times are:

    Mondays  7pm -9pm

    Thursdays from 5pm till 7pm for juniors, from 7pm – 9pm for adults.

    The rifles we use are 0.22 live firing, two types:

    one is the standard bolt action ‘open site’ single shot rifle (normally used for prone   deliberate target shooting at 25 yards)

    the other is a ‘light sporting rifle’ which has a spotter scope and ammo clip which self   loads up to 10 shots. This is normally fired from a standing position, rapid or deliberate at 20 meters.

    We shoot mainly postal competitions, in which all members are strongly encouraged to take part. The year is split into summer and winter leagues.
    There are also ‘shoulder to shoulder’ shoots with local clubs, home or away, which are normaly followed by refreshments and maybe a drink!
    We have outings to Bisley Ranges around 5 times a year, usually Thursdays, with a program of:

    Clay shoots in the morning (club shotgun available)

    A break for a picnic or hot lunch (there are facilities on site)

    Full-bore target shooting in the afternoon (the club will hire a rifle from the NRA armoury on site if needed)

    New members are always welcome.

  • Bearsted and Thurnham Rifle Club

    Website for the Bearsted and Thurnham Rifle Club. Based near Maidstone, Kent.

  • Bicester Town & District Rifle Club

    Welcome to the Bicester Town & District Rifle & Pistol Club.  We have been around since 1906 and continue to maintain high standards of sporting excellence in a number of National shooting disciplines.

    Our club caters for many types of shooting including Air rifle & pistol (.177 only), Smallbore (.22LR), Light Weight Sport Rifle ( .22LR), Muzzle Loading (Black Powder) and Centre Fire weapons.

    We have an indoor 25 yard range with four firing points at Oxford Road in Bicester and an outdoor range with eight firing points at 50 metres and at 100 yards at Chesterton.

    Everyone over the age of twelve (with parent/guardian present)is welcome, beginners and the more experienced.

    The club has a wide selection of equipment and weapons for use by prospective members and instruction in the safe use and handling of weapons is given free of charge as is the more advanced coaching required for competitive shooting.
    For further details contact Frank Slade at


  • British Field Targets Organisation

    The Club provides an attractive open air environment. Members can shoot modern and vintage Air Guns at a range of paper and metal silhouette targets and enter a range of club competitions.

    As a Home Office approved club we offer a safe place to shoot and enjoy the sport.

    Please explore this website which contains information on our club, our membership, Field Target (FT), Hunter Field Target (HFT) and the numerous other competitions we run each month –

  • Brighton Rifle & Pistol Club

  • British Association for Shooting and Conservation Limited (BASC)

    The British Association for Shooting and Conservation Limited (BASC) was founded in 1908 by Stanley Duncan, fzs (hon) as the Wildfowlers’ Association of Great Britain and Ireland (WAGBI). The name of the Association was changed to BASC in 1981.

    The Objects of the Association are essentially to:

    • Act as a representative body for all sporting shooting
    • Promote and safeguard all sporting shootin
    • Represent all engaged in such sport
    • Promote conservation and scientific research and other matters connected with such sport in accordance with the ethics of good sportsmanship
    • Uphold and maintain the legitimate interest of members …in particular with regard to…legislation (on) the use of firearms…and the lawful right of every member to shoot at sporting quarry with any (appropriate) firearm.

    (a) The BASC vision is:

    “To ensure a guaranteed future for responsible shooting sports in all their diversity as a widely enjoyed – and important – part of the life and economy of the country.”


    The BASC mission is threefold:

    (a)  to promote and protect sporting shooting and the well-being of the natural environment throughout the United Kingdom and overseas

    (b) to represent members’ interests by providing an effective and unified voice for sporting shooting, provide individual services to members and others, and

    (c) to act for the benefit of the community by promoting  practical habitat conservation, wildfowl, game and deer management, good firearm licensing practice, best practice, education and scientific research.


    BASC has six Strategic Objectives:

    (a) an effective and unified voice for shooting

    (b) all party backing for shooting

    (c) balanced comment in the media

    (d) continued opportunity to go shooting i.e. having place, quarry and gun, and opportunity

    (e) high standards

    (f) good governance

  • British Alpine Rifles

    The British Alpine Rifles seeks to uphold the finest British traditions of pistol and rifle marksmanship, offering opportunities for shooting which are no longer possible within her shores. It counts some very distinguished competitors among its members, but membership is not conditional upon shooting attainment. Whilst B.A.R. has limited opportunities for training complete beginners and recommends that applicants should also be members of other clubs that offer regular practice facilities, in principle it welcomes applications from safe shooters of all levels of skill and experience. Its youngest members have joined in their early teens, and its oldest when approaching receipt of the Queen’s telegram.

  • British Benchrest Club

    The British Benchrest Club shoot fullbore Benchrest competitions every month from the Bisley Short Siberia Range. New members are always welcome

  • British Sporting Rifle Club

    Our objectives encompass fostering competitive shooting with the sporting rifle, working for the greater safety and accuracy in the use of the sporting rifle on the range and in the field, and for the highest standards of sportsmanship and fellowship in both competitive and leisure shooting activities.

  • British Young Shooters Association

    The British Young Shooters’ Association (BYSA) is a multi-discipline organisation set up to make shooting easier for young people of any age or ability level.
    We organise training weekends at Bisley Camp and other ranges around the country offering excellent improvement opportunities through training and target time.
    We mainly support Target Rifle and historic Service Rifle but will expand into supporting other shooting disciplines as time goes on.
    BYSA will also be forging long-lasting links with clubs around the country to help you find a local base for your shooting.

  • Canterbury & District Shooting Club

  • Canterbury Airgun Club

    Welcome to Canterbury Airgun Club at Greenfields Shooting Ground.    The Club, recently formed, resides in the grounds of Greenfields and provides undercover shooting and woodland target areas for our members.   Open five and a half days a week (closed Sunday afternoons and all day Monday), we have the full use of Greenfields amenities including refreshments, toilet facilities and a well stocked airgun shop.
    The Club provides a safe and enjoyable environment for informal target shooting including air pistol.  Members are enthusiastic and friendly and helpful advice is always available.
    For further information, please call 07950 462594 Tuesday to Thursday between 12.00 – 14.00 or inquire within the shop.   Application forms are available at the shop

  • Caterham and District Rifle Club

    Caterham and District Rifle club was established in 1907 and is still a very active smallbore club with over 150 members.  We shoot in a purpose bulit range at distances up to 25 yards.

    We shoot all of the current smallbore disciplines including Prone (lying down), Light Sporting Rifle (standing up), Air Rifle and Air Pistol.  Air disciplines can be shot at 20 yards or the ISSF distance of 10 Metres.

    For more information, please visit our website.

  • Cheriton Pistol Club

  • Chichester Rifle Club

    Chichester Rifle Club shoots fullbore at Bisley and .22 on its indoor 25yds range in Chichester.

  • Chinnor Rifle and Pistol Club

    Chinnor Rifle and Pistol Club is located in the Chiltern Hills area of Oxfordshire.
    Explains the full facilities of the club, make up of the membership, disciplines and firearms shot there and a brief explanation of the firearms used at this year-round indoor 25-yard range. All ages and abilities welcomed.
    Club-owned firearms on site available for members’ use, from air pistols and rifles to .22RF target rifles and sporting rifles. Member-owned gallery rifles and black powder pistols may also be shot there. Includes other useful links, including an often discounted and affordable web hosting site as used by the CRPC.
    For more information about the club, please contact Club Secretary Patrick Twomey (eves.) on 01844-351347 or email

  • Chipstead & District Rifle

  • Cinque Port Branch of Muzzle Loaders

  • Cinque Ports Rifle Club

    Club based in Kent.

  • Chobham and District Rifle Club

    Based in Chobham, Surrey – within ten minutes of Junction 3 the M3. The club shoots air rifle, air pistol, .22 prone, 3 Position and Light Weight Sport Rifle.
    The club has 20 yard and 25 yard indoor ranges and 50 yard and 50 metre outdoor ranges. In addition, the club has an active section shooting full-bore at various venues.

  • Chipping Norton Rifle and Pistol Club

    Chipping Norton Rifle and Pistol Club has a 100 yard range located at Greystones on the outskirts of Chipping Norton. We are surrounded by the rugby club, bowls club, football club and business units.
    We shoot smallbore and air rifle from 100 yards and other disciplines such as gallery rifle and black powder from 25 yards.
    For all membership enquiries please email; likewise if any members wish to use the range other than on Saturday morning it would be appreciated if you could inform the secretary to avoid any clashes (
    For any queries about paying your membership fees please email

  • Classic & Historic Rifle Club

  • Cobham (Surrey) Rifle & Pistol Club

    Cobham (Surrey) Rifle & Pistol Club is a small yet diverse and active outdoor club located a stone’s throw from the village centre. Formerly a very busy handgun club it offers .22LR, Turning Targets and Practical events on a Saturday 3 week rota.

    Week 1 Service/.22LR

    Week 2 Turning Targets

    Week 3 Practical

    The primary firearms of the club are the pistol calibre lever action and .22LR semi-automatic rifle. To accommodate the developing interest in long barrelled revolver (LBR) and long barrelled pistol (LBP) the club also hosts handgun events as secondary activities. Courses of fire are designed to be appropriate for a particular firearm and activity.

    A series of competency checks have been developed for all firearms a member wishes to use in club activities. Training and coaching is given if required. All those wishing to use LBRs or LBPs are required to undertake the club handgun development course.

    Ancillary equipment is required for most activities (slings for long guns, magazine pouches, speedloaders, holster, etc). Traditional .22LR Target and ‘Deliberate’ precision events are not offered.

    Formal application should be made to the Club Secretary (

    Alternatively, for further detail or for existing FAC holders to arrange a shooting visit, the Club Captain Malcolm Dalgleish may be contacted on 01372 272040.

  • Crookham Rifle & Pistol Club

    Smallbore Rifle Club based in Hampshire.

  • Croydon Rifle & Pistol Club

    Croydon Rifle & Pistol Club is situated in Jessops Way on the Croydon & Mitcham borders in south London, Surrey.
    Croydon club is cleared to shoot .22LR smallbore rifles up to 100 yards and on our 25 metre gallery rifle and black powder range, various calibres up to .455.
    The 20, 25, 50, 100 yard and the two 25 metre ranges have all-weather capability and the two indoor air weapon 10 metre ranges and the 25 yard smallbore range is heated. So our one club has most of the facilities for shooting competitions that you would ever need, all in one place, with no range fees.
    We have regular visits throughout the year to the National Shooting Centre at Bisley for fullbore rifle shooting from 200 to 1,000 yards and also shoot gallery and sporting rifle there at 200 yards for pistol calibre rifles.
    Please arrange with our Membership Secretary before turning up at the club just so that we can make sure someone will be there to show you around.
    Would all prospective members please note that modern handguns have been banned since 1997 and cannot be shot in the UK and would all interested parties please read the FAQ page before emailing or ringing us.

  • Deal & District Rifle Club

    The home of Deal & District rifle Club.

  • Deddington & District Rifle & Pistol Club

    Deddington and District Rifle and Revolver Club an affiliated target shooting club in Oxfordshire whose objective is to “promote and facilitate the sport of shooting and encourage community participation in the same”.
    We have both indoor and outdoor ranges, with facilities for a variety of disciplines.

  • Dorking & District Rifle Club

    The Dorking & District Rifle Club is amongst the oldest in Great Britain, having been Inaugurated on 22nd October 1900. The Club has its own outdoor range. This caters for full-bore rifle shooting at 200, 300, 500 and 600 yards.
    Full-bore rifle shooting takes place at Boar Hill, approximately 2 miles south of Dorking on the Coldharbour Road.

  • Dover Pistol Club

  • Eagle Rifle and Pistol Club

  • East Grinstead Target Shooting Club

    Visit our website for more details.

  • Edenbridge & District Rifle Club

    We are a ‘Home Office Approved’ target shooting club located in the Kent countryside, near Edenbridge in Kent England and very close to Hever Castle Estate. We promote both smallbore .22 target shooting and Air Rifle & Pistol target shooting.
    Our Club members are drawn from all walks of life and occupations and take part in both Club, Local League, County and Nationally organized  shooting competitions, both ‘Shoulder to Shoulder’ and postal.
    We always welcome existing shooters looking for a new Club and new challenges as well as potential new members who would like to take up an interesting, challenging and rewarding hobby.

  • English Eight Club

    The objects of the English Eight Club are to foster long range rifle shooting in the interests of National Defence and in particular to organise the English Team in any International Match shot with the Match Rifle.
    The English Eight Club was formed in 1878 but its origins go back to 1861 and the Elcho Match which was first shot in 1862. It was not until 1978 that the rules specified the objects of the Club quoted above which occurred at the time the Club was accepted as a charity (registration number 277108).
    The club is based at Bisley in Surrey.

  • The English Twenty Club

    We are the governing body for english full bore target rifle and gallery rifle shooting. Our role stretches from encouraging and fostering the sport of target shooting in local county regions, to selecting teams who represent England in national and international matches at home and abroad, to developing, selecting and training our commonwealth games team.
    The club hosts and takes part in a number of events each year including our own spring open prize meeting, the King George the Fifth inter-county heats and final as well as the annual National and Mackinnon matches held at Bisley each July.

  • Enigma Shooting Club

  • Epsom Rifle Club

    For 25 yard prone smallbore shooting in Epsom.

  • Ewhurst Rifle & Pistol Club

    We are the only UK rifle club that exclusively book military Field Firing areas (Live Firing Tactical training areas).

    We predominantly use bolt action .50 calibre (.50BMG) target rifles for long distance competitions, although we also compete with most smaller calibres at similar distances.  We are also the only civilian rifle club in the UK with a MOD permission to regularly shoot historical large calibre rifles. With over 400 members we are now one of the fastest growing target shooting clubs in the UK.

    Range events and competition details can be found here, so if you already shoot target rifle but want to see what you can do at distances beyond the usual 1000 yards, then large calibre shooting might be the challenging sport you’ve been looking for.

    We are affiliated to the FCSA USA, and shoot the same competitions as our American counterparts, along with our own UK ‘practical’ competitions using reactive electronic targets which take full advantage of our unique UK military ranges. Some of our members also shoot in mainland Europe and annually compete at the World Championships in Raton, USA. We don’t just shoot the venerable .50, all smaller calibres are welcome at our range bookings, even a .22RF will operate a figure 11 reactive target!

  • Fifity Calibre Shooters Association UK (FCSA)

  • GB 300m Rifle Club - Bisley

    Articles about 300m. Competitions and results for past 3 years. Lots of links.

  • Harrow Rifle & Pistol Club

    For details email

  • Havant Rifle & Pistol Club

    Visit our website for more details.

  • High Wycombe & District Rifle & Pistol Club

    Visit our website for more details.

  • Highfield Rifle & Pistol Club


    • Indoor 20yard .22 range for prone, benchrest and standing rifle shooting.
    • Indoor 10metre range for Air pistol and rifle.
    • Teams and Individuals entered in Local and County Competitions.
    • Fullbore Gallery and Target rifle at Bisley several times a year.

    Contact email:

  • Historical Breechloading Smallarms Association (HBSA)

  • Honourable Artillery Company Rifle Club

    The Rifle Club caters for those interested in full-bore (7.62mm) target rifle shooting under National Rifle Association conditions: deliberate, single-shot firing from the prone position at fixed targets at distances between 300 and 1000 yards. The Club has associate membership of the London Middlesex Rifle Association, but currently shoots exclusively at Bisley. The Club owns four rifles of different makes together with spotting telescopes and other equipment.

    Season, Fixtures and Training

    The season runs from spring to autumn each year and typically consists of five or six half-day practice sessions, three or four matches and the Championship weekend. One-to-one supervision and coaching is also available, particularly for new members.

    Other Activities

    The Club attends the HAC Sports Presentation Evening where all clubs celebrate the achievements of the past sporting calendar.

    New Members

    New members are welcome to join the Rifle Club; you need not be a member of the HAC to apply. Costs are kept to a minimum and one-to-one coaching is available. For more information, please complete the enquiry form on the website page.

  • Ibis Rifle Club

    Ibis is a small, friendly club that has had a presence on Bisley Common since 1907. The club is situated in a prime position on Club Row.

  • Itchen Valley Shooting Club

    Formed in 1971 The Itchen Valley Shooting Club is a Home Office Approved Club located, offering all forms of target shooting in a well equipped indoor range in the centre of Winchester, Hampshire.
    The club offers a warm friendly atmosphere to both new and experienced shooters and has one of the most active memberships of any target shooting club in the South of England.

  • King's College School Old Boys' Rifle Club

    The Rifle Club is able to offer to those unfamiliar with shooting sports a chance to try out various shooting disciplines including; Target rifle, Action rifle, Gallery rifle, shotgun and if you are really keen heritage firearms.
    If you are an experienced shooter and would like to come along to one of our shoots, we would be delighted to see you. The Club practises regularly and we also compete in National competitions. Our Club is based at the Surrey Rifle Association, which is a very people friendly establishment on Bisley Camp near Woking in Surrey.

  • Lloyds TSB Rifle Club

    Visit our website for more details.

  • Lydd Rifle Club

    Lydd Rifle Club is formed from a relatively small group of individuals from all walks of life and a broad spectrum of ages who share a common interest in the sport of shooting.
    Although primarily a full bore rifle club our members enjoy shooting a wide range of weapons including .22rimfire, Gallery rifle (under lever carbines), black powder pistol/rifle, and full bore rifle both sporting and target. We also have a healthy contingent of members dedicated to old military weapons from both World Wars.
    We shoot twice a month on Military Ranges at Hythe and Lydd with ranges varying from 25m to 900m. On occasions we arrange for a day at Bisley for any members who fancy a change of venue and between our shoots get together for a day at a local clay shoot for anyone who is interested.
    Whilst we take the sport seriously we also try to ensure that everybody has a good enjoyable day.
    Our aim is to promote to sport of shooting in all its various forms and encourage the safe handling and ownership of firearms by responsible citizens.

  • Maidstone Pistol and Rifle Club

    We are a small friendly club that shoots smallbore and fullbore rifles and blackpowder pistols.

  • Manydown Rifle Club

    Visit our website for more details.

  • Marlow Rifle & Pistol club

    MRPC is one of the longest established clubs in the South of England. We celebrated our centenary in 2007. We also have our own heated and well ventilated 6 lane, 25 yard indoor range.

  • Mars and Minerva Rifle Club

    Visit our website for more details.

  • Newport (IW) & District Rifle Club

    We are the Isle of Wight’s premier target shooting club. We shoot a variety of disciplines from .22 rim fire through fullbore to black powder and shotgun.
    There is an array of silver and other trophies to be won every year. But if you’re not the competitive type, you can just shoot for fun.

  • Northwood Rifle & Pistol Club

    Northwood Rifle & Pistol Club was founded in 1911 and is one of the longest established shooting clubs in Middlesex, situated in the Northwood/Ruislip area.

    For more information, please visit the website.

  • Novio Magnum Pistol Club

    Novio Magnum Pistol Club Full-bore ranges are situated just outside of Chichester, with our indoor range near the town centre.
    We have good facilities at the club, with a 25m and 50m outdoor range and one 25m indoor range. The club participates in inter-club, county and national competitions as well as running internal competitions and fun shoots.

  • Old Epsomian Rifle Club

    Visit our website for more details.

  • Old Sergeants Mess Shooting Club

    Visit our website for more details.

  • Old Windsor Rifle and Pistol

    Visit our website for more details.

  • Portsmouth City Rifle & Pistol Club

    Portsmouth City Rifle Club is one of the Districts oldest gun clubs established in 1907. We are located in southsea, Hampshire.
    We have two indoor ranges and several other facilities including Prone and Bench-rest. If you are a new shooter then we can support you with coaching. For the more experienced shooter there are matches and competitions to take part in. We are open to new members.
    Visit our website to learn how you can enjoy shooting sports at or club.

  • Reeds Target Shooting Club

    Visit our website for more information.

  • Ricochet Rifle Club

    We are a small, friendly, successful, full-bore rifle club that takes shooting seriously.  A history of the club is published in the Spring 2009 edition of the NRA Journal.  We are affiliated to the NRA and the Oxfordshire R.A.
    Members shoot at Bisley and at ranges from Kent to the West Country.  There are members in Berks, Dorset, Glos., Hants, Kent, London, Oxon, Somerset, and Surrey.
    We are a good, inexpensive club for those who shot at school or university that have no ‘Old Boys’ shooting club of their own.  We can provide rifles, telescopes, equipment, and above all enthusiasm and training expertise.  We have all standards of shooter from ‘keen but average’ up to International.

  • Romsey Shooting Club

    The website of the Romsey Shooting Club.

  • Royal Air Force Target Rifle Club

    Visit our website for more details.

  • RAF Small Arms Association

    Visit our website for more details.

  • Royal Navy & Royal Marines Rifle Association

    Website detailing contact details, fixture lists and news relating to all aspects of shooting within the Royal Navy, Royal Marines and their Reserves.

  • Salvo Rifle Club

    Salvo (Horsham) Rifle Club – a club for those interested in both .22 and full bore rifle. We shoot regularly at our indoor .22 range in Horsham, and we also visit the National Shooting Centre at Bisley to shoot full bore events. We are based at The Holbrook Club, North Heath Lane, Horsham, West Sussex, RH12 5PJ.
    We number around 35 members including ladies, gents and juniors who participate regularly in two main disciplines: Prone rifle and Lightweight Sporting Rifle.
    We welcome shooters of all ages (minors need to be accompanied), and will make our best efforts to accommodate shooters of all physical abilities.

  • Single Shot Black Powder Cartridge Rifle Club of GB

    We are a small friendly club that enjoys shooting old style Black Powder cartridge rifles. We have a programme of relaxed friendly competitions from March to November as well as shooting Long Range (900 and 1000 yards) throughout the year.
    If you are interested, take a look at our website and contact us.

  • Solent Target Shooting Club

    Up to date NRA Approved Training

    Specialists in Long Range Shooting

    Specialists in Dynamic Gallery Rifle & Pistol Shooting

    Regular shooting events held at Bisley National Shooting Centre

    Bespoke course books and reference materials with fantastic qualified support

    Ongoing training and tuition to become a Firearms Instructor / Range Officers

    Flexible booking system so you can get on the ranges when you want to

    Social events and guest days throughout the year so you can bring your friends and family to your club

    Friendly and supportive environment with comprehensive safeguarding policies in place

    Welcoming to people new to shooting and experienced alike

    Ongoing help from your application right through to getting your own FAC

    Management committee that is committed to its members with great communication

    Contact our secretary Chris Baverstock at

  • South Hants Rifle and Pistol Club

    Located in Portsmouth, we have two indoor ranges for smallbore and pistol calibre shooting, and also shoot full bore rifle twice a month on a local MOD range.

  • Surrey Rifle Association

    Founded in 1861 and established at Bisley in 1895 the Surrey Rifle Association operates successfully as both a County Rifle Association and a rifle club, and is one of four clubs at Bisley with full-time staff and “open” Membership.

  • Thames Valley Gun Club

    Thames Valley Gun Club is a small, friendly gun club which shoots both Rifle and Gallery Rifle / Pistol on the ranges at Bisley. For more information, please click on the link above and have a look around the website.

  • Vintage Arms Association

    VAA was established in 1973 for the purpose of encouraging the collection, study and use of all vintage firearms, including muzzle and breech loaders, rifles, pistols, shotguns and airguns. The Association fosters an interest in, and use of, all vintage and modern firearms. VAA continues to promote shooting sports by means of a comprehensive calendar of shooting competitions for both vintage and modern firearms held throughout the year.
    Please take the time to explore, and to see what the Association has to offer. You may not find in the website all the answers you need. In this event please visit the Contacts page.

  • Waverley District Rifle Club

    We are a small Home Office approved full-bore rifle club based at Bisley, run as a non profit organisation, with the objective of making shooting affordable and sociable.
    We are open to all to join the sport and can provide a full NRA approved training program along with the use of the club rifles and other shooting equipment.
    Through the clubs affiliation with the Old Sergeants Mess Clubhouse, you can relaxed after a days shooting in a friendly atmosphere with your fellow members. For more information and to contact us, please visit our Website.

  • Wey Valley Rifle & Pistol Club

    Visit our website for more details.

  • Weybridge Rifle and Pistol Club

    Visit our website for more details.

  • Wickham and District Rifle Club

    Wickham and District Rifle Club membership is open to all, regardless of age, gender or ability. We do Target shooting at an indoor range based at the Wickham Community Centre on Monday evenings and Saturday mornings. Wickham and District Rifle Club’s was originally formed in 1905 but was suspended during the First World War, the present club format was started in 1944.
    The original purpose of the club was to provide the Home Guard with a place to practice their shooting. The club has evolved from the occasional practice night to running two competition teams in the Portsmouth and District Small Bore league and a successful Saturday morning Air Rifle section which attracts a wide variety of participants, young and old (minimum age is 10).

  • Windsor Rifle Club

    The Windsor Rifle Club is a Home Office Approved Club and is affiliated to both the NRA and the NSRA. With its own 25 yard indoor range in Windsor, Berkshire, Windsor RC is a friendly club and welcomes new members whether they be new to the sport of target rifle shooting or experienced shooters.
    Club equipment is available for all members and more details about our small-bore and full-bore activities can be found on our web site together with how to contact us.

  • Woodstock Rifle and Pistol Club

    Visit our website for more details.