What is CSR & PR?

Civilian Service Rifle (CSR) events compete using courses of fire similar to Service Rifle (SR) competitions, but use UK civilian firearms and don’t have to wear kit and a helmet.

Timings are more relaxed than the SR counterpart, and for all intents and purposes the same thing.

We allow an extra 15 seconds for 200yd sitting and generally anywhere from 45-60 seconds for some of the rundowns, depending on ground conditions, so not too strenuous.


The requirements for CSR are a centrefire rifle with the ability to hold a minimum of 10 rounds. More is OK, but with a smaller capacity you will struggle to complete the courses of fire (CoF).

There are four main classes of firearm types:

Historic Enfield: Any SMLE/ No.4/ No. 5 rifle, service pattern as issued, with no attachments
Any Iron: Any rifle with iron sights, with no restriction on slings (but rests may not be used)
Service Optic: Any rifle with optic sights with no restriction on slings. Rests may not be used.
(Any vertical or angled fore grip, if fitted, may be used)
Practical Optic: Any rifle with optic sights, with no restriction on slings or rests.
If any rest is utilised it must remain fitted to the rifle at all times during the match

So if you have an Enfield, an AR15, Remington 700, AI or anything else in between, you probably have the right stuff to take part, and if you don’t then the NRA Armoury has suitable rifles for hire.

Full details can be found near the front of the CSR & PR Handbook


CSR Winter League:

Competition days are typically split into two matches, one in each AM and PM

They are run once a month between October and April, and alternate monthly between Saturdays and Sundays.

Practices are typically 10 round strings, either rapid or slow fire in a mixture of positions including Standing, Kneeling, Sitting and Prone.

The majority of matches are shot from 300-100yds, but also go back to 500 and down to as close as 25yds, depending on the CoF.

There are separate results for each class, and using the Comstock scoring method your overall League standing will be formed of the 10 best scores you achieve.


For more details on the League: CLICK HERE 

For information on League Standings: CLICK HERE

How to get involved

Once you are a full member of a Home Office Approved Club, sign up to our CSR Skills Development Course.

This course will provide the fundamental skills for taking part in CSR, including individual coaching of positional shooting techniques.

The course is open to all NRA members including those who do not currently hold an FAC or possess the appropriate firearm, but have successfully completed the required probationary course. Non NRA members can attend providing they possess the appropriate firearm and pay the additional course fee.