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In order to run high level Competitions we require support staff and volunteers to work alongside NRA Staff, to fulfil a range of tasks. Depending on the Competition, you can help out for as little as half a day, or the whole Meeting if you fancy it! Typically we require the following types of volunteers:

Action Weekends Range Team: and other GR&P or Target Shotgun Events

The Range Team is the collective name for the group of volunteers that provide vital support to most Action Weekends and other GR&P and TS events.

To be part of the team you just need to be willing to help look after the ranges – no qualification needed. Typically there are the following roles:

  • Chief Range Officers: 1 per range, in charge of overall range safety, and issues the range commands to competitors
  • Range Team: In addition to the CRO, these volunteers do not require a formal qualification, and will aid with refacing targets, clearing rifles etc.
  • Stats: Input all scorecards and produce prizelists
  • Markers (paid work email for more info)

Follow the link at the bottom of the page to sign up to specific Volunteer Sign up page which will list the upcoming events and the available roles.

Imperial Meetings: F Class, Match Rifle and Target Rifle

  • Chief Range Officer: In charge of overall range safety
  • Range Officers: In addition tot he CRO, assist in managing the range and communicate to the Butts
  • Chief Butts Officer: In charge of managing the target Markers
  • Markers (paid work email for more info)
  • Stats: Input all scorecards and produce prizelists
  • Volunteers: Additional support to NRA staff for a range of jobs including scoreboards, stats collection and buggy service

Payment/Volunteer package is specific to each Meeting, for more information please contact Shooting Division via