• Marking

  • Stats

  • Range Officer


In order to run high level Competitions we require support staff and volunteers to work alongside NRA Staff, to fulfil a range of tasks. Depending on the Competition, you can help out for as little as half a day, or the whole Meeting if you fancy it! Typically we require the following types of volunteers:

Action Weekends: and other GR&P or Target Shotgun Events

  • Collectively known as Range Crew:
    • Chief Range Officers: 1 per range, in charge of overall range safety, and issues the range commands to competitors
    • Range Team: In addition to the CRO, these volunteers do not require a formal qualification, and will aid with refacing targets, clearing rifles etc.
    • Stats: Input all scorecards and produce prizelists
    • Markers

Imperial Meetings: F Class, Match Rifle and Target Rifle

  • Chief Range Officer: In charge of overall range safety
  • Range Officers: In addition tot he CRO, assist in managing the range and communicate to the Butts
  • Chief Butts Officer: In charge of managing the target Markers
  • Markers
  • Stats: Input all scorecards and produce prizelists
  • Volunteers: Additional support to NRA staff for a range of jobs including scoreboards, stats collection and buggy service

Payment/Volunteer package is specific to each Meeting, for more information please contact Shooting Division via competitions@nra.org.uk