North West Clubs

  • 101 Rifle Club

    We are a long established premium club, were we mix smiles and fun with a good helping of safety and professionalism.  Both newcomers and old hands will find our members friendly and helpful.
    We practice all forms of “full bore” target shooting over distances out to 1000yds.  Our speciality is FTR (scoped rifle) were the club is proud to have several members in the Great Britain team.
    We shoot at Altcar rifle ranges, Hightown, just north of Liverpool.  Details of when we are shooting can be found on the calendar page.
    If you are interested in shooting with us then please contact us on the following email address and we can have a chat and get you down to the range.
    The range is a military base so access is restricted, please do not just turn up as you will be turned away….. email us and we can arrange access for you.

  • 1860 Rifle and Pistol Club

    The 1860 Rifle Club take there name from the year the Altcar rifle range was opened. They do this as the range is the “home” of the club as it is the only place currently that the members meet to shoot.
    The club promotes a safe, fun and friendly environment for it’s members, visitor and surrounding clubs for which to enjoy the outdoors, the ‘banter’ and the shooting sport. Safety is of paramount importance to every shooter whether in the 1860’s club or one of the other clubs shooting on the adjoining ranges and all the members of the club are the ‘eyes’ for everyone else in support of fully trained and qualified range control officers.
    The club is a non-profit making organisation and as we have no club house to pay for, this keeps membership fee’s to a minimum. The club is also affiliated with the National Rifle Association (NRA)and is also approved by the Home Office.
    The 1860 Rifle Club attend the Altcar rifle ranges each month to shoot a variety of centrefire and on occasion rimfire rifles. We all enjoy the shooting sports in different ways with some members competing in regional and national target competitions while others use the range time to hone there shooting skills for hunting or culling and others attend to simply enjoy shooting the firearms they own in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.
    For any more information about the 1860 Riflemen go to our ‘Contact Us’ page and feel free to get in touch.

  • AIR Rifle & Pistol Club

    Visit our website for more details

  • Altcar Rifle Club

    ALTCAR RIFLE CLUB, established in 1863, shoots at Altcar Rifle Range,Formby, Nr Liverpool by kind permission of the North West of England and Isle of Man Reserve Forces and Cadet Association. Club Shoots take place on Sundays throughout the year, on Saturdays between March and October, and on Thursday evenings between May and July. The Club is affiliated to the National Rifle Association and the County of Lancaster Rifle Association.

  • BAE Systems (Warton) Shooting Club

    Visit our website for more details

  • Blackburn Rifle and Pistol Club

    BRPC Blackburn Rifle and Pistol Club sets out to be a friendly and comfortable place to partake in indoor target shooting.

    We offer a full range of services including a series of indoor rifle and pistol ranges from 10M up to 50M.  With disciplines from air pistol to full bore rifle and turning target shooting.

    The current membership is about 200 and the club is open 5 nights and 2 mornings each week.  Across the membership there is a wide range of interests and the club caters for 35 different shooting disciplines.

    Blackburn Rifle and Pistol Club welcomes new members, whether novice or expert.

    With the variety of facilities, members are able to shoot on one of the air ranges wiht both rifle and pistol and also on a dedicated BB range.  Centre-fire and rim0firea re shot on the 25M and 50M ranges covering the full spectrum of target shooting disciplines.

    Muzzle loading pistols and rifles are a common sight on both ranges.  Also seen are an assortment of rifles, from bolt action to self loading tactical styles.

    Wednesday morning is given over to a very special group of blind and visually impaired shooters.  They use modified rifles and crossbows, equipped with acoustic technology to aim at their targets.  British Blind Sport is the governing body for this highly skilled and competitive sport.

    Their helpers are from “Galloway’s Society for the Blind” based in Preston, who also transport the members to the club.

    Our membership is both wide and varied, with younger and older, from Olympians to new shooters and all side by side!

    For more information, please download their leaflet: Blackburn Rifle & Pistol Club Leaflet

  • Blackburn Outdoor Airgun Club

    The club was established in 1984 with few members and has gone from strength to strength. We moved to the current range in July 2006, since which the club has expanded and built extra hides to shoot from due to an increase in the number of members.
    At our club we do NOT shoot animals, we only shoot at steel, paper and chalk targets.

  • Blackpool & Fylde Full Bore Rifle & Pistol Club

    The club was formed in 1962 and has now passed its half-century mark. Present day membership stands at 90.
    In the early days, it was a club dedicated to Target Rifle practices, making quite the name for itself. At this time there was no home range so all competitions were held at Altcar Military Range. In the 1970s/80s the use of pistols became more common as members also had access to the old barracks range at Weeton Camp. Competitions were now following more UKPSA style action shooting (which the club still follows today with gallery rifles) and Target Rifle somewhat declined. Even so, all aspects of shooting are still followed – target, sporting, gallery, clays and stalking.
    In the late 1980s the MOD closed the old Barracks Range as being unsafe. The club solved this problem by simply building its own 30 metre 6 lane indoor range on land purchased near Lytham St Annes, Lancashire where we still hang our hats. Also, the MOD have again given the club access to the Barracks Range at Weeton so we can now practise in the dry and get sun burn when the weather is good.

  • Bolton NRP Shooting Club

    Bolton based Shooting Club

  • Bolton Rifle & Pistol Club

    We are A Friendly Club currently 100 members who Shoot every Sunday morning at Scout Rd both formal and informal running various competitions throughout the year using most common calibers of firearms  the club owns a selection of firearms for Club Members to use in competitions and on free shoot Sundays.
    This year we have a clay Pigeon club on the first Sunday of the month and we hope to have a Practical Shotgun course set up before spring 2015 we also shoot indoors on Wednesday nights at Nortex Mill where you can practice your skill or just meet up and chat.
    The Range at Scout Rd has disabled access but Nortex Mill has steps to an underground range.

  • Bury & District Muzzle Loaders

    We are a rifle and muzzle loading club primarily serving Greater Manchester, South Lancashire and North Cheshire. Our home range is a 100 yard outdoor facility. We also have access to two indoor 25 yard facilities and a military 300 yard range.

  • Carlisle Small Arms Club

    Our new website address containing information relating to club activities and contact details.
    We are a multi discipline target shooting club affiliated to – NRA, NSRA, MLAGB & CPSA. Any inquiries regarding club membership are welcome.

  • Chester Field Target Club

    We are a friendly group of airgun shooting enthusiasts who meet fortnightly in beautiful surroundings near Mouldsworth in Cheshire. Our focus is on fun and safety, and new members are always welcome.

  • Clyde Valley Pistol Club

    The Clyde Valley Pistol Club was formed at Campbell Street, Hamilton in 1963 and we have been at our current location since 1980.
    We have the best indoor range facility in West Central Scotland, wholly owned by the club.
    We have a healthy roster of members from all over Lanarkshire and beyond and are located only 30 minutes South East of Glasgow.
    The Club has Home Office approval for small-bore rifle, centre fire gallery rifle* and muzzle loading pistol target shooting in the indoor range.
    Members also use air rifles, air pistols, CO2 pistols, airsoft and archery equipment. We regularly shoot full-bore rifle at 100-600 yards on outdoor ranges across Scotland.
    A full safety briefing will be given on your first visit (by Appointment Only) and friendly tuition and advice is always available thereafter.
    *(Limited to traditional pistol calibres such as .38 Special, .44 Special, .45 Long Colt etc. and subject to range energy and velocity limits.)

  • Fulwood Shooting Club (Liverpool)

    Visit our Website for more details

  • Fylde Coast Muzzle Loaders Society

    A club dedicated to the preservation and use of black powder firearms.

  • Grange Rifle and Pistol Club

    Wirral shooting club

  • Marple Rifle & Pistol Club

    We’re a target shooting club for all types of gun from air pistols to black powder muskets. We have a 25 metre indoor range which is currently open for shooting six days a week for all types and calibres and types and a 40 metre outdoor airgun range for non-FAC airguns.

    You can find our club opening times and all other details on our website at:

  • Merseyside Muzzle Loaders

    Merseyside Muzzle Loaders have been in existence for approximately sixty years shooting at the Altcar Military Range, Hightown,Merseyside. The club shoots several target disciplines including rimfire, full bore rifle, black powder metallic cartridge/muzzle loaders together with cap & ball pistol over ranges from 25 yards up to 600 yards. We also cater for the more sporting members of our club by hosting clay pigeon shoots on a monthly basis. The membership consists of men and women with a wealth of firearm and shooting knowledge which they willingly impart to new members. We train all new members in range / firearm safety together with practical shooting experience on site to National Rifle Association specifications. On successful completion of the course the candidates are awarded the NRA safe shooters qualification. 

    Merseyside Muzzle Loaders is Home Office approved and affiliated to the NRA.

    Address – Altcar Military Ranges, Hightown, Merseyside L38 7JE

    Contact us – The secretary: 

  • Morecambe Rife and Pistol Club

    We shoot a wide range of disciplines including air guns, blackpowder, fullbore rifle, smallbore rifle and gallery rifle. We own two 25m ranges and have have access to Altcar ranges. For more information visit our website.

  • Pennine Shooting Sports Association

    The Pennine Shooting Sports Association (PSSA) has one of the oldest shooting ranges in the UK with shooting records going all the way back to 1861.
    The present buildings and ranges were originally built by the British Army around 1897, and purchased by civilian clubs when the Diggle Range was no longer required.
    Club Details
    Wide range of shooting events and competitions
    1000 yard shooting range – ideal for long rifles
    Provides training facilities to the Greater Manchester Police
    Provides test facilities to British Aerospace (Royal Ordnance)
    Club Disciplines
    Target Rifle
    F Class
    Classic Military Rifle
    Quigley & Black Powder
    Lever Action
    McQueens & Tactical
    Practical and Civilian Service Rifle
    Practical Rifle
    Civilian Service Rifle
    Contact Details: Email:
    Location: Diggles Range Pennine

  • Peveril Rifle Club

    We are a Shooting Club based in the Isle of Man at the Slieau Lhost Small Arms Facility on the Mountain Road; where our Members and their guests can shoot both pistols and rifles in various disiplines ranging from ISSF (Olympic and Commonwealth type competitions) to IPSC (practical pistol, rifle and shotgun). Peveril represent pistol shooting at the Isle of Man Target Shooting Federation which represents all shooting on the Island, the IOMTSF is affiliated to the Island Games Federation, the Commonwealth Games Association and Commonwealth Shooting Federation.

  • Phoenix Shooters Association

    We are a small, family-friendly target shooting club serving the Wirral, Merseyside, Cheshire & North-Wales Area.
    We shoot on military ranges at Sealand, as well as local clay layouts.

  • Preston & District Rifle and Pistol Club

    Preston & District Rifle and Pistol Club shoots on an indoor 25 metre range
    We shoot 4 days a week plus once a month at Altcar MOD range at ranges of 200 to 1000 yards.
    Airguns and small/full bore rifles are used with no need to own your own.

  • Red Rose Rifle Club

    Membership details on website. Club news,competitions,calendar,gallery and more. Located in the northwest of England.

  • Sedbergh Shooting Club

    Outdoor 25 metres range that caters for Fullbore, Muzzleloading, Small Bore Rifles, Carbines and B/P pistols, we encourage juniors to participate in the sport. We are located six miles east of Kendal, Cumbria.

  • Southport & District Rifle Club

    A fullbore rifle shooting club who shoot on Altcar military range in Hightown.

    For membership queries, please contact the secretary on 07887 548043

  • South West Lancs Pistol club

    SWLPC provides a safe and comfortable environment for various target sports activities

  • Warrington & District Rifle and Pistol Club

    We are a Home Office Approved Shooting club
    We cater for target shooting, black powder muzzle loading, tactical shooting, air rifle/pistol, airsoft and BB shooters.
    Small/Full bore outdoor shooting is available to our members on MoD ranges at least once a month for those who want to shoot larger calibre rifles at distances up to 600 yards.
    Our two indoor 25-yard ranges with nine lanes are open every day.
    You can use the clubs or your own firearms indoor up to the agreed muzzle energy of the registration of the clubs certificate.
    A selection of club provided Air Pistol & Air Rifles, Small/Full-Bore Pistols and Rifles can be used by any member.
    In September 2017 the club underwent intensive refurb with a fresh look for the clubroom, ranges, washroom, training room. Refreshments are available at the club and a good social side with many members offering assistance with new enrolments and other aspects of running the club. A new Reloading course has been set up for members to try their hand at reloading.
    A variety of ammunition is available for purchase from the club; .22 Rimfire, .38special, .357mag, .223, .303, .308 calibres along with other items and components, ask at the club reception desk for more details.