Probationary Membership

The NRA’s probationary training course is the benchmark for marksmanship and target shooting in Europe.

This membership is for people new to shooting who require full training in the skills of marksmanship and target shooting. You must pass a 6 day probationary membership training course to become a full member of the NRA.

If you have some shooting experience please contact membership to discuss possible assessment day or additional tuition.

Prices From

£ 125.00

Renewal / Annual

As a Probationary Member, on completion of a satisfactory reference and the required police check you will be booked onto a probationary course which consists of 6 modules to begin your training.

There is a joining fee of £125.00 which includes your Police check and all the Membership benefits detailed HERE once your training is complete.

Each Probationary Training Module is charged at £137.00 to include:

  • Instructors
  • Rifle hire and ammunition
  • Range hire
  • Course Materials




Membership Features

  • 1

    The NRA runs training courses for its probationary members at the National Shooting Centre, Bisley throughout the year. Under Home Office guidelines, probationary membership is for a minimum period of three months during which time you must undergo instruction in the safe handling of firearms and also shoot regularly under supervision.

    All live firing is conducted under the one to one supervision of NRA qualified instructors. You will be trained to use target (open sights) rifles, F class (‘scoped) rifles, gallery rifles (both semi-automatic rimfire and pistol calibre carbine). You will also receive a copy of the NRA Probationary Training Manual.

    Probationary modules usually take place at the weekends and is a complete introduction to fullbore and gallery rifle. Topics included are firearms and the law, range safety procedures, shooting techniques, elevation and sight-setting procedures, certification and range booking procedures. Upon successful completion of the six modules, you will be upgraded to a full NRA Member and receive your membership and certification cards.

    Course Overview:                                                                                                                 

    MODULE 1 The NRA’s four Safety Rules; the basics of handling firearms; principles of marksmanship

    MODULE 2 Grouping and scoring; angles, elevation and sight adjustment; reading different sight systems; zeroing a rifle

    MODULE 3 Using the elevation table for longer range shooting; wind reading and calculating sight changes; How to use a score card

    MODULE 4 Assessing knowledge of all theory covered in previous modules; assessing safe handling of the different firearm types covered on the course; assessing capability to zero a rifle and adjust sights

    MODULES 5 & 6 Probationary ‘Club Days’ (Gallery Club Day and Fullbore Club Day) – introducing you to the procedure and protocols required for a safe and enjoyable day shooting at Bisley

    Download and complete the attached application form Click Here and return it to


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