Who we are and what we do

The National Rifle Association (NRA) is the National Governing Body (NGB) for full-bore target rifle shooting, centre-fire target pistol shooting, and target shooting with shotguns in the United Kingdom and provides support and advice to many other shooting associations within the Commonwealth.

The Association was founded in 1859, incorporated by Royal Charter in 1890, and became a registered charity in 1963.

The NRA moved to the Bisley Complex in 1890.

These days the Association is primarily concerned with promoting the efficiency of the Armed Forces, and developing and encouraging civilian full-bore target rifle shooting in furtherance of Defence of the Realm. We greatly value our military heritage and close links with the UK Armed Forces.

Our current patron is His Majesty the King, who continues a long history of Royal patronage.

The NRA has a commitment to promote target shooting and especially to encourage younger shooters to participate in the sport.

The NRA operates as a charity and works to benefit of the efficiency of the Armed Forces and the wider shooting community. It offers and provides support to the Armed Services for marksmanship training and the development of improved performance, and remains a civilian organisation counting 74 members of permanent staff and many hundreds of volunteers.

We promote and encourage marksmanship and train individuals to become safe and competent shooters.

Based in our world-renowned Bisley Ranges Complex, we enjoy world-wide recognition as leaders in various forms of target shooting, setting the rules and conduct of shooting for them throughout the United Kingdom and beyond.

We believe that target shooting is a challenging activity open to all regardless of age, ability, sex or ethnicity.

Anyone wishing to hold a Firearms Certificate (FAC) for target shooting must be a Full Member of a Home Office Approved (HOA) Club. As the NRA is a HOA Club in its own right, members can use the NRA as their Primary club when applying for an FAC.

Why the Association was founded

To promote and encourage marksmanship throughout the King’s Dominions, in the interest of Defence and Permanence of the Volunteer and Auxiliary Forces, Naval, Military and Air.