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How do I get involved?

If you are new to the sport of Target Shooting, or a seasoned Pro, this page aims to point you in the right direction to get involved in the diverse, life long sport! At the bottom of this page you will find links to specific disciplines to help you work out what type of target shooting is best for you.

I’m new, and have never shot before, how do I get involved?

Owing to Firearm Laws, you cannot simply turn up and hire a firearm (unless you come with an existing NRA member to an NRA Guest Day or Clay Shooting Experience at either The National Clay Shooting Centre or Bisley Shooting Ground).

If you are over the age of 14 and have never shot before and want to get involved in Target Shooting, you will need to apply to become a member of a Home Office Approved Club – of which the NRA is the largest in the country. The application process will include gathering personal details, and using these to perform a basic police check. Once these checks have been completed you will be classed as a Probationary Member which will last no less than 6 months. During this time you will be evaluated on your knowledge and handling of firearms, which will typically result in a formal assessment near the end of your probationary period.

Once you have passed the Probationary period you will be classes as a Full Member and will have access to all your Club’s Member benefits. NRA Affiliated Clubs will also provide you with a Shooter Certification Card (SCC) in the types of firearms you have been assessed on using. This is like a ‘driving licence for shooting’ and will be needed to take part in NRA Competitions. You can gain further types of firearms on your SCC by attending courses or training.

The NRA’s Probationary structure consists of 6 unique Modules focusing on knowledge and safety, and contains both theoretical and practical elements.

To find out more about the NRA’s standard membership and links to apply for probationary membership: CLICK HERE

To look for Clubs in your local area: CLICK HERE


I’ve shot before, but it’s been a while, how do I get involved?

You will still be required to become a member of a Home Office Approved Club, but if you are a firearms certificate holder, are a member of a Small-Bore Club, or have served in the Armed Forces in the last 5 years, you may be eligible for a membership assessment, which can fast-track the Probationary process.

Please contact our Membership Team for more information via:


What’s it all about: Shooting Disciplines

The NRA Control, Recognise and Acknowledge a number of different ‘Disciplines’.

Disciplines are a way of categorising different types of firearms based on their features including type of mechanisms, calibre limits, age of firearm, and the type of shooting they typically undertake. Each discipline has a Representative appointed by General Council charged with being the NRA ambassador for that type of shooting.

Clay Pigeon shooting, although controlled by the Clay Pigeon Shooting Association, is practiced at the National Clay Shooting Centre – Bisley.

Below are links to descriptive pages about each NRA Discipline, they will advise the best routes to take once you find one (or a few) you would like to pursue!

A great way to try a new Discipline is through our Skills Courses, more information about specific courses can be found on our Online Booking Website: CLICK HERE


I’d like to get involved in competitions, how do I do this?

The NRA run a number of open competitions throughout the year, which are open to Members and Non-Members – as long as you are a member of a Home Office Approved Club you should be eligible to take part. You will need to possess a SCC in the firearm you are looking to compete with.

Most competitions are open to any level of competitor, and will advise if this isn’t the case.

Our best advise is to have a look at our Online Event Calendar (which aims to include other Club open competitions too) and filter the Competitions by the firearm type you are looking to enter. We will endeavour to provide specific information on the event pages about the events due to take place, their Courses of Fire, the rules and procedures you will need to follow, in good time ahead of the event.