F-Class World Championships: Monday 10th – Sunday 16th August 2026

The 7th F-Class World Championships (7th FCWC) will be held at the National Shooting Centre (NSC) – Bisley, UK from Monday 10th August to Sunday 16th August 2026


Programme: To be confirmed

Entry opening date: To be confirmed


Entries from ICRFA affiliated national squads (maximum 16 members each for FTR and F-Open squads) will be prioritised, with further entries subject to availability. Individual entries will be considered after national team entries have been confirmed

Prior to the World Championships, the GBFCA British Open F-Class Championship will take place from Monday 3rd August – Saturday 8th August 2026

Entries to both the World Championships and the 2026 F-Class British Open will be led by the NRA of the UK, in collaboration with the Great Britain F-Class Rifle Association. Please contact your ICFRA F-Class representative to express your interest, who in turn will contact the NRA

Visitor Information

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