Under 21 Membership

Bisley is one of my favourite places ever. It is like stepping into a different world that is calm, peaceful and has a very warm community of shooters who make everyone feel welcome.

Membership for those aged between 14 and 21.

If your membership has lapsed in the last 2 years, please contact us.

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Under 21s are entitled to FREE membership up to and including the year of their 21st birthday. An initial administration fee of £30.00 will be charged.

Membership runs from 1st January to 31st December annually.

Membership Features

  • 1

    Full NRA Members are entitled to book ranges up to 1200 yards (if suitably qualified/certified) and hire markers at Bisley.


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    Full NRA Members can hire firearms and purchase ammunition from the Armoury within the provisions of the Firearms Act.  NB: Unless the ammunition sold is entered on your firearms certificate, it must be used on the day of purchase and must not be removed from Bisley.


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    Full NRA Membership includes comprehensive insurance cover.


  • 4

    All Full Members are entitled to register for the NRA Shooting Club. Twice monthly shoots are planned covering all ranges and disciplines.


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    All Full Members are entitled to attend training courses held at Bisley at discounted rates.


  • 6

    All Full Members are entitled to compete in competitions held at Bisley, free of ‘meeting membership’ fees.

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    The NRA Journal is published four times annually and is sent automatically to all members. It keeps you updated with news from Bisley and the shooting world.

Membership Benefits

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    • Membership of the National Governing Body directly supports the future of shooting in the UK. The NRA has a commitment to promote shooting and especially to encourage younger shooters to participate in the sport.At a glanceNRA Support, Advice & Discounts
      • Liaison with police on Firearms queries and FAC applications, renewals and visitor permits.
      • Support for range application and safety certificates.
      • Comprehensive insurance cover.

      Training, Development & Events

      • Training courses including RCO and Club Coach at reduced fees.
      • Reduced entry fees for NRA meetings/competitions.
      • Regional support to deliver club training.
      • Accreditation of club training courses
      • Full calendar of competitions.

      Regional Support

      • Access to and help from regional representatives throughout the UK.
      • Regional training officers to deliver courses throughout the UK.

      Bisley Benefits

      • Hire ranges, targets and markers at the world famous Bisley up to 1200 yards (subject to certification).
      • Hire of firearms by the day from the NRA Armoury, within provisions of the Firearms Act.
      • Eligible to register for the NRA Shooting Club.
      • Eligible to represent NRA and GB teams.
      • Eligible to stand for NRA elections.
      • Bring family/friends/colleagues to Guest Days to introduce them to the world of target shooting.

      NRA Journal & Communications

      • NRA Journal four times per year which includes shooting news, results and articles.
      • Monthly bulletin keeping you up to date with the latest news from the NRA.

    Anyone wishing to hold a Firearms Certificate (FAC) for target shooting must be a Full Member of a Home Office Approved (HOA) Club. As the NRA is a HOA Club in its own right, members can use the NRA as their Primary club when applying for an FAC.


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