What is it?

Service Rifle is a discipline similar to the old SR(a) which was the norm, using a bolt action rifle with fixed sights, until the Armed Forces adopted the self loading rifle in the late ’60s. Courses of fire are based on those fired by the Armed Forces, and usually involve a physical element (e.g. a 500 to 100 yard run down firing two shots every 100 yards). Matches may involve deliberate, rapid fire and snap shooting, and will usually involve firing from a variety of positions including prone, sitting, kneeling, standing and from a fire trench. Competitions are usually fired on representative figure targets such as the Figure 11 and Figure 12 figure targets. For service competitors the matches are fired with the current military issue rifle (the SA80 for British Forces or, for overseas competitors, that of their own country). For civilian competitors firing in matches alongside the military competitions a rifle with a telescopic sight and a magazine capacity of at least 10 shots is advisable.


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