South West Clubs

  • Avon & Wiltshire Shooting Club

  • Blackmore Vale Shooting & Conservation Society

  • Boscombe Down Rifle & Pistol Club

  • Bridport Shooting Club

  • Bristol & District Rifle & Pistol Club

    As a club, we were established in 1954; we are a very friendly and welcoming club as are Bristolians traditionally, we also strongly uphold the tradition of its founders that it’s primarily a club for its members.

    We have one of the finest facilities in the country and we have had a number of Olympic, national and international champions amongst our numbers. Our members are diverse in backgrounds and professions, and united in a common interest and camaraderie.

    Please feel free to browse and enjoy the information on our site. If you feel you wish to be a part of a safety conscious, friendly, active and diverse shooting club then please feel free to drop us an email to our membership secretary at

  • Bristol Muzzle and Breech Loading Gun Club

    Visit our website for more details.

  • Budleigh Target Shooting

    Shooting facilities

    The North Range, used for 50m rifle and 100 yards rifle, also has 20 lanes for turning target.

    The South Range, used for 50m rifle.

    The Indoor Range, used for 25m rifle

    The Indoor 10m Airgun Range.

    At Budleigh we put a premium on Range safety. This requires that you are an established UK NSRA, NRA, club member or a member of a club affiliated to another national rifle or pistol association.
    If you are not a shooter but would be interested in trying out target shooting whilst here, our resident coach is available for introductory instruction.

  • Burnham Rifle Club

    The Range
    Burnham on sea rifle club is equip for 10, 25 or 50 yard Approved Range for .22 Rim fire cartridge and air rifle. Consisting of 5 firing points for rifle (prone or three positional disciplines)
    Free instruction and coaching is available from Club members with years of experience – for the beginner through to the standard shooter.
    You will receive training in safety, equipment and shooting technique. After a certain level of competence has been proven, novices are allowed to shoot under the normal supervision of the Range Officer and also attend the Monday sessions.
    We have all the kit new members need to try out shooting ? in fact some people carry on using the club equipment, though there is a huge benefit in people getting their own kit if they take to the sport
    The Clubhouse is a Non-smoking area with toilet and kitchen facilities and provides access to the indoor range.
    Looking to Join
    New Starters must register to arrange and attend a safety talk plus introductory training session.
    These sessions are held by appointment, on the 1st Thursday of each month.
    At certain times a waiting list may be in operation to enable the ratio of shooters to instructors to be controlled.

  • Chippenham Rifle & Pistol Club

    Chippenham Rifle and Pistol Club was formed in 1946 and since then has actively encouraged and supported its members to develop their skills and knowledge in target shooting. Over the years the club has helped its members achieve successes at local, regional, national and international level.
    Safety is a key feature within our sport, not only for participants but also spectators and neighbours. All of our ranges have been constructed to an approved set of criteria and inspected. Our Range Safety Certificates confirm our ranges are only suitable for 0.22LR calibre.
    The Club’s qualified RCOs conduct shooting practices on Sunday mornings and Tuesday evenings (between April and October).

  • Chipping Norton Rifle & Pistol Club

    The Chipping Norton Rifle and Pistol Club has been in existence for over 80 years.

    Chipping Norton Rifle and Pistol Club has a 100 yard range located at Greystones on the outskirts of Chipping Norton. We are surrounded by the rugby club, bowls club, football club and business units.

    We shoot smallbore and air rifle from 100 yards and other disciplines such as gallery rifle and black powder from 25 yards.

    Visit our website for more information.

  • Christchurch Gun Club

    Club based in Dorset, visit our website for more details.

  • Chudleigh and Ashburton Rifle Club

    The Chudleigh and Ashburton Rifle Club has been formed by Officers at Chudleigh and Ashburton Police Stations to promote competition Rifle Shooting within the force.
    At the present time the club is open to police officers, police staff and dependent.

  • City of Bristol Service Rifle Club

    City Of Bristol Service Rifle Club is a friendly and professional club, with a great team and members.
    We are all passionate about what we do and are always happy to help, whether you have questions about your application, the club, or shooting. You can contact us via the online contact form or speak to ​one of the team at our next meet. Dates of all our meetings can be found on the “range Information” page.
    We look forward to hearing from you.

  • Cornwall Full Bore Pistol Club

    Although the name of our Club might suggest otherwise, our members regularly shoot rifles as well as various types of pistol.
    A diverse range of both small and large calibre firearms including historical and modern rifles and pistols can be used on our ranges in Cornwall.
    The main disciplines covered by the Club are Full and Small Bore Gallery Rifle, Black Powder Rifle and Pistol, Long Range Rifle and Pistol, Classic and Antique Firearms and Bench Rest.

  • Cornwall Rifle Club

    We are a full-bore target rifle shooting Club, & shoot on Millpool range on Bodmin Moor. We use 7.62mm calibre, or 2.23” (5.56mm; F Class only), and are also licensed to use .303”.
    We usually shoot at three ranges, 300, 500 and 600 yards, firing two sighters and ten shots to count at each range, with trophies at each months shoot.
    Cornwall Rifle Club is affiliated to the National Rifle Association and the Cornwall Target Shooting Association.

  • Devon Rifle Association

    If you are interested in the sport of competitive full-bore target rifle shooting then the Devon Rifle Association and its affiliated club, Exonia & Tiverton R.C., which has Home Office Approval, would be pleased to welcome you to their range in East Devon.

    The DRA and E&T R.C. also shoot at Bisley, Surrey, home of the National Rifle Association.

    For further details please contact either:

    The Secretary, Devon Rifle Association at:
    The Secretary, Exonia & Tiverton R.C. at:

    For more information and fixtures list, please visit the website:

  • Devon Ranges Shooting Club

    Devon Rangers Shooting Club was established in the early 1970s, and is situated in the beautiful countryside of North Devon, in the UK. We have Home Office approved ranges of 20, 25 and 50 yards, with full members having access to the shooting ranges 365 days of the year.
    Rimfire, Centrefire and Black Powder competitions are regularly held at the club and we welcome visitors and potential new members.

  • Dorchester Rifle and Pistol Club

    Dorchester Rifle and Pistol Club est 1906. Small bore, black powder pistols and air weapons.

  • Dorset & District Gun Club

  • Dorset Police Shooting Club

  • Duchy Shooting Association Cornwall

    Duchy Shooting Association is a friendly multi-discipline shooting organisation, established in 1986, Home Office approved and affiliated to the NRA. Our ranges are situated in the centre of Cornwall near Zelah, and comprise 100m 16 lane full bore range, 25m 6 lane gallery range, 40 target HFT air range, 40 target FT air range and 50m air zero range. The 100m, 25m and air zero ranges all have covered firing points. We will shortly be adding an indoor 10m 3 lane air range. Our clubhouse offers a friendly meeting space, with tea and coffee making facilities, workshop, disabled access, and toilets. We shoot every Thursday and Sunday, and the first Tuesday in the month, and are open from 9.00 to 4.00.

    We shoot full-bore and small-bore rifle, LBP/LBR, Section 1 shotgun, black powder rifle, musket and pistol, target shotgun, bench rest, FT & HFT on our air ranges.

    We offer potential new members a warm welcome and are nestled in the beautiful Cornish countryside. Shooters of all abilities are welcome to consider joining, with members always happy to help with advice. Please visit our website for more information or contact us at

  • Dursley Full Bore Rifle Club

  • East Bristol Rifle and Pistol Club

    The official website of East Bristol Rifle And Pistol Club, a friendly club, situated on the South Gloucestershire and Bristol borders in Hanham, Bristol.

  • Exeter & Mid-Devon Shooting Club

  • Exeter University Rifle Club

    The Rifle Club welcomes everyone, from beginner to international level and with the equipment and access to coaching that makes us a competitive inter-university club.
    We train three times a week at our indoor range, and also go on weekends away to the National Shooting Centre, Bisley, where we shoot at distances up to 1,000 yards.  Last year, our small-bore teams saw great success in their respective BUCS leagues, placing first in each of their divisions. Regardless of experience or desire to compete, the Club offers all you need to have a good time shooting, be it socially or for competition!

  • Exmoor Rangers

    Sounds obvious, but we are a gun club or shooting club that shoots every Sunday of the year on an outdoor range over 110 yards or 100 metres.
    We have a covered firing point and a “block house” with wood burner to keep us warm on the days when it’s not so nice !!!
    We are a fully certified and insured club with a friendly outlook whilst enjoying healthy competition among members.
    We are NRA affiliated and members enjoy the benefits of this when furthering their shooting activity.
    We currently have around 40 members.
    What do we shoot ?
    We shoot muzzle loading handguns and long arms, small and full bore rifles.
    Whilst we are not really a shotgun club, those that have them can shoot clay pigeon from an electric trap on a lot of the last Sundays in a month – see calendar.
    The planned event / activity is usually shot in the morning and then it is generally a “free” afternoon session.
    What can we offer you ?
    A friendly welcome, a huge amount knowledge from many experienced members, several who have competed and won Bisley competitions.
    Whilst we can’t alter the weather on an outdoor range, we try to make it enjoyable for all.
    Where are we ?
    We are about 1/2 mile to the east of Parracombe which is 16 miles from Barnstaple.
    It is a secluded former stone quarry. We don’t advertise our position and after contact with the club Secretary and the police checks – not our rules but now national police policy – you’ll be given directions.

  • Exonia & Tiverton Rifle Club

  • Ferndown Gun Club

    Ferndown Gun Club is based at a Home Office approved indoor fullbore target shooting range within Ferndown Leisure Centre, Cherry Grove, Ferndown, Dorset, BH22 9EZ.

    This 25 yard (23m) range provides facilities for target shooting using air rifles; air pistols; rim fire cartridge rifles; centre fire cartridge rifles; long barrelled revolvers; long barrelled pistols; and muzzle loading revolvers.

    Allowable Calibres:

    .22LR (including Hollow Point/Expanding)
    .38 Special
    .357 Magnum*
    .44 Special*
    .45 Colt*

    * Subject to load/gun combinations not producing muzzle velocities/energies exceeding limits stated below:

    Maximum muzzle velocity – 1,710 f.p.s.
    Maximum calibre – .455 inch
    Maximum muzzle energy – 475 ft. lbs

    The range has electronic returning target systems to 20 yards and programmable turning targets at 25 yards. Club guns are available to members and coaching is available from qualified club instructors.

    The club holds monthly target shooting competitions and organises regular visits to Bisley for shooting at longer distances

    All shooting at this indoor range is conducted from a standing, seated or kneeling position. There is no facility at this indoor range for prone or supine shooting.

    Ferndown Gun Club is a Disability Hub Club accredited by British Shooting and Disability Shooting Great Britain.

  • Frome District Pistol Club

    We are a ‘Home Office Approved’ target shooting club, Our home range is situated in Shepton Mallet.

    The Club was established in 1973, and has grown to be one of the best shooting clubs in the south-west. We pride ourselves on being a very active club and members participate at all levels of the sport from Club, through County, to National / International events. We even have a number of GB squad members in our ranks.

    We shoot most forms of target sports, including Full-bore, Small-bore and Gallery Rifle, Practical mini rifle, Handgun, Muzzle Loaders / Black Powder, Shotgun and Air Pistols. There are a variety of disciplines and the club has access to excellent facilities to cater for all.

    We have nearly 300 members, drawn from all areas of the region and varied in both terms of age, gender and occupation. We currently have vacancies for new members who can demonstrate the necessary attributes to join the club. If you are interested in joining us please contact us.

  • Hurn Rifle and Pistol Gun Club

    Established during the Second World War, Hurn Rifle and Pistol club is over 60 years old. We are a warm and welcoming club with a membership of enthusiastic rifle and pistol shooters keen to advance the sport of target shooting.

    We hope that this site will provide an introduction to our club and our activities. If you have any questions, then please do make contact with us by following this link.


    Any member wishing to can participate in the following competitions supported by Hurn Rifle and Pistol Club.

    Dorset County hold winter and summer leagues and are competed in air pistol, air rifle, .22 sporting rifle and fullbore underlever rifle.

    Hurn Rifle and Pistol Club also hold in-house monthly competitions for black powder pistols, underlever rifles, .22 rifles and air weapons.

    Club Facilities.

    Hurn Rifle and Pistol Club has a 25 m outdoor range with 11 undercover firing points.

    There is also an indoor 10m airgun range adjoining the club room with 4 firing points each with its own target retrieval system.



  • Innsworth Shooting Club

  • Land's End Shooting Club

    Visit our website for full details of the club, location, contact and fixtures.

  • Paignton Rifle and Pistol Club

    The Club, located in Torbay, has three ranges available at any one time: 25 yards for prone rifle and benchrest.
    This has four firing points and the targets are changed electrically. 20 yards for sport rifle/air pistol. This range has four target holders fitted to a turning target mechanism. The length of time the target appears can be varied for rapid-fire events. 10 metre for air rifle/pistol.
    This range has four points with electric target changers and each target is individually lit to provide the best possible shooting conditions for this very demanding Olympic sport.
    Each range is fitted with a video camera for safety and security. The Club has two armouries for Club and members equipment. Lockers can be rented for a small annual fee.

  • Pinhoe Target Shooting Club

    Friendly club with indoor range at 25yds and outdoor ranges at 50yds, .22, air, LSR indoor with spacious clubroom and ample parking.

  • Parkstone Gun Club

    Parkstone Gun Club is a centre-fire, small-bore and air-gun club based in the historic port and seaside town of Poole, Dorset, in the United Kingdom.

    Visiting for the first time you will be impressed. All ages and abilities are welcome, coaching and encouragement is paramount in our friendly welcoming atmosphere.

    We run an indoor range, with distances from 6mtr to 25mtrs. Six lanes for low velocity centrefire rifle,  muzzle loaders and long barrel pistols. And an additional two lanes reserved for airgun only. Automatic target changers and turning targets coming soon.

    The club is open weekday evenings, for various disciplines.

    Home Office approved club

    Please visit the club website for details.

  • Salisbury Vintage Rifle and Pistol Club

    Official web site of the Salisbury Vintage Rifle and Pistol Club

  • Somerset County Rifle Association (SCRA)

    The Somerset County Rifle Association is a Target Rifle Shooting Club utilising Langport (MoD) Range near High Ham in Somerset and a private range in Mid Devon. The normal distances we shoot at are 300/400, 500 and 600 yards. Occasionally we shoot at shorter distances and get out out muskets, revolvers, and canons!
    Occasionally we go to other ranges like Bisley and shoot out to 1000 yards… We shoot all “full bore” rifles and have three main classes: Target Rifle (TR) – Very accurate .308 Win/7.62 rifles with iron sights, jackets and slings Vintage – Mostly .303 Lee Enfields, but any war time/military weapons in old calibers with iron sights are allowed.
    F Class – Very accurate .308 Win/7.62 rifles with powerful telescopic sights and bi-pods.

  • Tamar Rangers Rifle Club

    Friendly multi-discipline club shooting in Devon and Cornwall. We shoot on a private range (25yds-100yds) and an MOD range on Bodmin Moor (100yds-600yds). New members always welcome.

  • Taunton Deane Shooting Association

    Taunton Deane Shooting Association (TDSA) is a Home Office Approved Club which offers members small bore, full bore, black powder and air gun shooting close to the centre of Taunton Somerset.

  • Teignbridge & District Full Bore Club

    A Gallery Rifle and Pistol shooting club in South Devon

  • The Dorset Riflemen

    While our namesake suggests we are a Dorset based club, we’ve grown to having a membership that spans the UK and have become one of the premier Home-Office approved clubs for F-Open and F-TR Rifle Shooting with a number of members winning national and international awards.

    The Dorset Riflemen was originally founded by Don Stacey and Gillie Howe. While they have both sadly called a message 10, they would be proud to see their humble club has grown from 19 members (4 still members to this day) to well over 80 and includes some of the best in the UK thanks to the hard work of its members and representatives, such as John Seager who has been secretary for over 13 years.

    The club promotes and supports the sport of long-distance rifle shooting, primarily focussing on the F-Class disciplines

    If you are interested in joining us please contact our Secretary Steve Poultney by email:

  • Tidworth Rifle and Pistol Club

    The Club holds regular Fullbore Target, F-Class and Sporting Rifle shoots on local MOD Ranges.
    Smallbore, Gallery Rifle and Black Powder shoots, including benchrest, precision and speed which are held on two local Ranges, one out to 100m and the other a 25m Barrack Range at Old Sarum.
    Members also travel to the National Shooting Centre at Bisley to shoot practise and competitions, at the longer distances.
    The Club permits the use of any firearm held on a members certificate, providing local Range regulations are adhered to. Some competitions however restrict the eligibility of the scoring. The Club holds Centrefire and rimfire rifles both target and sporting, for use by our members and holds a maintained stock of ammunition.
    The club enjoys affiliation to the National Rifle Association and to the National Shooting Centre.

  • Torbay Fullbore Club

    The club was established in 1975. At our 25yd range near Newton Abbot we shoot many types & calibres including black powder & pistols. We hold frequent competition and clay pigeon shoots and regular trips to Bisley & a local 80m range enable our members to practice their long range skills and fire larger calibres.

    Visitors are welcome and are invited to contact the Secretary-


    Please check our website for more information.

  • United Kingdom Police Full Bore Target Rifle Club

    This club is for Police officers, serving and retired, and Police civilians, who have common interest in both target rifle and ‘F’ class shooting.

  • The Wessex Gun Club

    The Wessex Gun Club is a small, friendly, rifle and pistol club currently using the MoD’s Langport Rifle Range in Somerset. The Club is Home Office approved and has a number of NRA-qualified RCOs to ensure that shoots are conducted safely and securely.

    The Club was formed in the early 70s and shot at East Holme Rifle Range for many years, using assault rifles and long-range pistols, as well as the usual mixture of target rifles, service rifles and stalking rifles.

    These days, the membership is divided almost equally between stalkers and target-shooters, with members using everything from small-bore rifles and pistols through to black powder firearms. At Langport, we make full use of the 25-yard facility, as well as the 600-yard gallery range. The only firearms we cannot cater for are target shotguns and HME firearms.

    Our shoots are conducted in as informal a manner as possible, but safety is always our primary concern. The aim is to ensure that all participants have a pleasant day out and go home happy.

    Most of our members are from Somerset and Dorset, but we will happily welcome recruits from further afield.

    We are open to new members from the age of 18 upwards. While most of our new members come to us already with FACs and their own rifles, we do have a club rifle for those who do not yet have their own, and we are able to offer training for those that require it.