To become a full member of the NRA we require our Probationary Membership Course to be completed by: 

  • Those who are new to shooting and are not a member of a Home Office Approved Club
  • Have been out of the Armed forces for more than 5 years,

These courses are officially open to any member of the target rifle shooting community, and include six separate Probationary Modules focusing on knowledge and safety taught in both theoretical and practical setting.

The modules must be taken independently and in order, and once completed will give you access to a Full NRA Membership.

Application for Probationary Membership consists of two simple steps:

Step 1: Apply to join as a Probationary MemberClick Here to download a form

Step 2: Book Probationary Training sessions – We will contact you once application has been approved.



Watch the video below to get a glimpse into a day of Probationary Training at the NRA:

Course Modules


  • Overall safety and Intro to Target Shooting
  • Firearms safe handling skills and Range Safety Regulations
  • .22 (Semi Auto) and .38/.357 (Lever Action) shoot at 25 yards
  • Zeroing at 25 yards


  • Principles of Marksmanship
  • Minutes Of Angle
  • Intro to sighting systems
  • Full-bore shoot at 100 yards with scoped .308 rifles (Bolt action)
  • Target marking/butts duties


  • Full-bore shooting at 300 and 600 yards with:
  • .308 Vernier sighted Target Rifle (Bolt action)
  • .308 Scoped Rifle (Bolt action)
  • Basic Wind Reading skills


  • Full-bore shooting at 600 & 1000 yards
  • .308 Scope sighted F-TR Rifle (Bolt Action)
  • Elevation and windage
  • Scope adjustment


  • First of the “Where to next” courses at differing distances, covering:
    • .223 Scope sighted AR-15 (Straight pull)
    • .303 Iron sighted Lee Enfield (Bolt action)
    • .308 Scoped Rifle
  • Basic firearm cleaning and maintenance
  • Range Office procedure
  • How to integrate with NRA protocols


  • Second of the “Where to next” courses at short range, covering:
    • .22LR Scope Rifles
  • Intro to “Gallery Rifle” competitions
  • Range commands and handling while moving
  • SCC’s are handed out to successful students to mark completion of the Probationary Course

Please contact NRA Training for Probationary Training enquiries.


Step 1: Apply to join as a Probationary Member

Click here to download a Probationary Membership Application form

Please complete this and send to NRA Membership, only by post or in person.

National Rifle Association
National Shooting Centre
GU24 0PB

Once your Probationary Membership form has been processed and your referee forms have been received and checked, you will receive an email from the Membership team informing you that your Probationary Membership has been approved. Shortly after this, the Training team will contact you via email with a link which takes you to our booking site where you can go ahead and book your modules.

Please note we cannot accept course bookings before your probationary membership application has been approved and a membership number has been issued.

Please contact membership / 01483 797 777 ext 138 for Membership enquiries.

Step 2: Book Probationary Training sessions

Once your Probationary Membership application has been approved and you have been emailed with your membership number you will be contacted by a member of the training team who will provide you with a link to book your Probationary modules. We recommend completing training within 3 months of attending Module 1, however with sufficient revision between sessions the 6 Modules can be reasonably spread across up to 6 months.

You are advised to not leave long gaps between each module. If you leave a gap of several months or longer between modules, you may be required to repeat a module or restart your training from the beginning.

Probationary Members’ training is made up of six compulsory full day modules which must be taken in numerical order (1,2,3,4,5,6). Modules 1 – 4 include a combination of classroom and practical range sessions, and Module 5 and 6 are entirely range based. Firearms and ammunition are inclusive in the price making it excellent value at £126 per session for 2023.

Upcoming Availability:

Please visit our booking site here to view upcoming availability.

Please do not book onto a Probationary Module until you have received a Probationary Membership approval email and your membership number from the Membership team. Any bookings made before you receive this will be cancelled.

If you have any queries regarding Probationary Training, please contact NRA Training or call 01483 797 777 ext 149.


Membership Fees

The Probationary Membership fee for 2024 is £125, and for under 25s is £30.

This includes all checks and referencing along with full membership up until the end of the year from the point you have completed both your 3 month minimum probationary period and passed all 6 modules.

The 2024 course fees are £137 per module, totalling £822. The under 25 fees are £83 per module, totalling £498.

NRA Members Benefits

NRA Member Benefits

NRA Support, Advice & Discounts

  • Liaison with police on Firearms queries and FAC applications, renewals and visitor permits
  • Support for range application and safety certificates
  • Reduced entry fees for NRA meetings
  • Comprehensive insurance cover

Training, Development & Events

  • Training courses including RSO/RCO and Club Coach
  • Exclusive NRA member training fees
  • Regional support to deliver club training
  • Accreditation of club training courses
  • Full calendar of competitions open to NRA members

Regional Support

  • Access to and help from regional representatives throughout the UK
  • Regional training officers to deliver courses throughout the UK

NRA Journal & Communications

  • NRA Journal 4 times per year which includes shooting news, results and articles
  • Monthly e-zine communication keeping you up to date with the latest news from the NRA

Bisley Benefits

  • Hire targets at the world famous Bisley camp
  • Hire of firearms by the day from the NRA, within provisions of the Firearms Act
  • Shoot at ranges up to 1200 yards
  • Eligible to register for the NRA Shooting Club


Probationary Training Manual: CLICK HERE