The NRA has successfully reached a formal agreement with the MoD for the use of MoD ranges by civilians who are members of the NRA or clubs affiliated to the NRA.

This section is designed to provide all the required information about the new MoD requirements to allow civilians to shoot on MoD ranges.

The information below can be downloaded by clicking on the relevent pdf.


You only need to book a certification assessment if:
A) Your recent certification card has expired and are unable to get one from another club

B) You need to add a discipline to your current certification card.

If you need to book assessments for different types of rifles then you would need to book as follows:* Scoped and/or Iron sights – 1 slot (Short Siberia)* Gallery and/or Short Range pistol – 1 Slot (Melville)* Muzzle Load Pistol – 1 Slot (Melville)* Muzzle Loaded Rifle – 1 Slot (Short Siberia)* Long Range Pistol – 1 Slot (Short Siberia)The cost is £25 per range and if you need to book two different ranges then you would need to leave an hour between them for travel and preparation.

If you need to hire a rifle you would need to contact Sarah Boxall on 01483 797777 ext 162. We can provide this at £12 per rifle (Muzzle loaded Pistols are £28 per kit)