The F Class Imperial challenges competitors over distances between 300 and 1000 yards, mirroring similar courses of fire to the Target Rifle Imperial. There are 4 major awards the Meeting culminates in:

  • St George’s Prize: Combines the scores made in the Alexandra and Donegall, and the top competitors take part in a 900 yard squadded Final
  • Farquharson: Combines the scores made in the Daily Mail, Times and Wimbledon, and the top competitors take part in a 1000 yard squadded Final
  • Grand Aggregate: Aggregates the scores of nine of the squadded competitions
  • Hobson/Kent Cup: Is awarded to the competitor with the highest combined score in the F Class Grand Aggregate and the Farquharson Final.


The dates for the 2021 F Class Imperial Meeting are:

Friday 16th – Tuesday 20th July

Full details, and the ability to book your place can be found via the: Online Booking Website

Dates for the following year are typically published in October or November


Historic Meeting results can be found via this LINK


NRA medals and Trophies are presented to the top placed competitors in each event at Prizegiving following the meeting – typically early afternoon on the Tuesday. The amount of medals presented depends on the amount of entries:

  • 2+ competitors – Gold medal awarded
  • 9+ competitors – Gold and Silver medals awarded
  • 21+ competitors – Gold, Silver and Bronze medals awarded