The McQueen Imperial comprise of 7 different snap shooting competitions, and 2 aggregate competitions, all shot at 300 yards in front of the 300 yard shed on Century Range.

  • McQueen A: NRA issued sniper rifles (see Para 153)
  • McQueen B: Any Target Rifle (Para 150, but may be fitted with any sight) or Match Rifle (Para 156)
  • McQueen C: Historic (Issued) Sniper Rifles
  • McQueen D: NRA Sporting Rifles (see Para 159)
  • McQueen E (Open): Any Sniper Rifles (see Para 152).
  • McQueen F (Any Rifle): Any Rifle within range limits
  • McQueen G (Civilian Service Rifle): Service Optic (see Para 389)
  • The McQueen Ace Trophy: Aggregate of A,C and E scores
  • The McQueen Pairs: Aggregate of two individual’s A scores


Saturday 13th – Sunday 21st July 2024 – FULL DETAILS HERE


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Historic Meeting results can be found via this LINK


NRA medals and Trophies are presented to the top placed competitors in each event at the on range Prizegiving following the McQueen Finals. The amount of medals presented depends on the amount of entries in each event:

  • 2+ competitors – Gold medal awarded
  • 6+ competitors – Gold and Silver medals awarded
  • 11+ competitors – Gold, Silver and Bronze medals awarded

Shoulder medals, bars and HPS crosses are also presented, see the NRA handbook for more details