The NRA has supported target shotgun shooting for many years by providing access to a greater range of facilities at Bisley as well as running a national league to support the sport across the country and encourage grass roots participation.

The competitions are always different and comprise of a number of stages where the competitors are faced with a different shooting challenge at each and the winner is the person that can shoot all the targets in the shortest time


Given the diverse nature of the discipline you will find examples of all types of shotguns.

The league rules offer competitions in the following classes:

SG: Any Shotgun

SGM: Any Manual Action Shotgun with an integral tubular magazine or detachable magazine

SGSA: Any Semi-Automatic Shotgun with an integral tubular magazine or detachable magazine

SGC: Any shotgun that is not magazine fed and is not fitted with optical or electronic (red dot, telescopic etc) sights


These fast growing events require not only marksmanship, but thought, movement, and complete familiarity with the rifle and its zero. Each competitor shoots each stage against the clock under the close supervision of a range officer who wields an electronic timer which picks up the sound of the shots. The shooter with the quickest time usually wins that stage, provided that they have hit all the targets. No two matches are ever the same – Paper targets are always used and the highest 2 hits per target are normally scored, you may also be faced with reactive targets that fall when hit. Moving targets are also used where the club has the facilities and you can be faced with anywhere from 1 to 30 targets at ranges from 5 to 100 metres!

Competitions Dates

Competitions Dates can be found in our online calendar – HERE

Get Involved

Getting into any of the shooting sports can be hurdle however the league is open to any member of a home office approved club with the relevant firearm on their licence.

You can enter any of the NRA events at Bisley and a member, or by paying the relevant non-member fee.

With clubs hosting matches across the country on a regular basis you are sure to find somewhere to suit you. If you have trouble finding a club please contact the league director for more information.

Skills Courses

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