Club Instructor Course

This classroom-based two-day course is designed to provide selected experienced club members with the qualification that they need to be able to officially train new and existing shooters, within their own clubs, to the standards of safety and competence required by the NRA Safe Shooting System.

The course is loosely structured around the NRA Probationary Course syllabus, but seen from the instructors point of view. It is deliberately not based on any shooting discipline, but is wide ranging in approach, starting by concentrating on the elements of safety which are common to all types of shooting.

Topics include such things as communication skills and instructional techniques, as well as the use of firearms in a club context. Ballistics; how firearms work; different sighting systems; ammunition; ranges; relevant aspects of the law, are just some of the subjects covered.

Attendees can expect a busy two days. There is much to absorb in a relatively short time, and participation and discussion are encouraged throughout the course. Candidates are expected to demonstrate their knowledge, and their ability to instruct, by means of written tests and practical exercises. The course is intended to be as enjoyable as possible.

The course usually takes place over a weekend, starting at 8:30 and finishing at about 5:00 on both days.

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