RCO Course Bookings

This is a two-day course, the purpose of which is to allow suitable club members to gain the qualification necessary to allow them to sign for, and run, a Ministry of Defence (MoD) range. Candidates should be experienced shooters, with some experience of running, or assisting in the running, of ranges. Pass requirements are high, and the course is not to be undertaken lightly. Only those members who are considered to be suitable, and who stand a good chance of passing, should be put forward by their clubs. The MoD requires that their ranges, when used by civilian clubs, should be run to the same standards of safety as they are when used by the military. Candidates must understand the level of responsibility that they are taking on.

Courses are conducted at Bisley and in the regions. The timings and format are flexible, depending on the facilities available. A typical Bisley course would consist of classroom work on the first day, finishing with a fifty-question test. The morning of the second day consists of practical briefing and range-work assessments on gallery ranges and gallery rifle ranges. Candidates will be sent a copy of the NRA RCO Manual a few weeks before the course. The importance of studying the manual before attendance cannot be overemphasised.

The basic RCO qualification only allows the holder to run MoD ranges with fixed firing positions and designated fixed target positions and precludes the use of muzzle-loaded firearms. If required, there are extra qualifications which allow the running of sporting rifle moving target ranges, and the use of muzzle-loaded firearms. These additional one-day courses are arranged through the NRA, but conducted by the British Sporting Rifle Club and the Muzzle Loaders Association of Great Britain.

One other additional qualification is that which is required to supervise the zeroing procedure for High Muzzle Energy (HME) rifles. For those who need it, this is now conducted on the afternoon of the second day of the basic RCO course.

The RCO qualification is valid for six years from the date of issue. At the moment, the RCO course is the only training that the NRA offers on the running of ranges and, as such, is attended by many candidates whose clubs do not operate on MoD facilities. Despite the heavy emphasis on MoD documentation and regulations, the range procedures taught on the course represent best practice.

However, in 2017 we will be introducing a new, additional, course on how to run any range which we anticipate will have wide appeal and be suitable for all clubs regardless of the types or ownerships of their ranges.

To book an NRA RCO course, or for further information on any RCO matter, please either email NRA Training Division or phone us on 01483 797777 ext.149.

Bisley Courses

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Regional Courses

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Renewal/Conversion Forms

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