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The safety of our shooters and staff is our priority, so please check your local COVID Tier status before travelling to Bisley and ensure you comply with your local regulations (see or those published by the devolved governments).

All personnel attending the National Shooting Centre (NSC) must undertake a self-assessment for any Covid-19 symptoms before travelling to Bisley. No one should leave home if they, or someone they live with, has symptoms of Covid-19, currently recognised as any of the following:

 A high temperature

 A new, continuous cough

 A loss of, or change to, their sense of smell or taste

If you are feeling unwell or have Covid-19 symptoms, please do not visit the National Shooting Centre (NSC), no matter how mild the symptoms. The NSC has put in place COVID-secure procedures throughout the camp. Please adhere to the various notices and instructions. We respectfully ask that you maintain social distancing at all times, and practice regular hand hygiene throughout your time on site.

If you start experiencing symptoms during your visit to Bisley you must:


Any changes to Covid-Secure Procedures will be publicised via Notice Boards, NRA announcements and email to members


1. All personnel attending the National Shooting Centre are to:
2. Adhere to Covid related signage on site with particular regards to social distancing and hand hygiene
3. Sanitise hands regularly. Hand sanitising stations will be positioned in public areas and on each range
4. Observe social distancing in all areas
5. In order to be effective personal hand sanitiser must be >60% alcohol


  1. All range use must be pre-booked on line and pre-paid.
  2. Range bookings must be attributed to an individual who is responsible for “Test and Trace” within the group.
  3. Multiple groups of 6 shooters per booking are permitted. However, each group is to be independent there is to be no moving between groups. This includes the RO.
  4. The range booking must indicate if probationary training is to be undertaken or the shoot is to be conducted under the conditions of a guest day.
  5. Random Membership and SCC checks will be carried out on the range.

Members are not permitted to enter the Range Office.
The afternoon/evening prior to the booking we will publish lane allocations on the website (Due to GDPR bookings displayed online will be identified by Bid No). This can be found under the latest range information page. Alternatively, please click the following link to view:
Lane allocation and radios will be available at the rear of the range office and no longer on the range itself. Radios annotated ** are shared and should only be handled by persons wearing protective gloves.
Radios allocated to private markers will be issued to the shooter who is responsible for liaison with their privately hired marker.
Radios are to be returned to the rear of the range office. Note: Some radios will be issued for the whole day. Please note the allocation for the PM which will be indicated on the radio label.
Personal radios will be on the table inside zip lock bags, the Lane Allocation list will provide details of the radio you have been allocated. You should not remove the radio from the bag.

Social distancing is to be observed at all times. A queueing system will be in place please observe the 2m separation rule whilst you are waiting.

1. Enter the range office
2. Attempt to speak over or under the protective screen
3. Attempt to pay with cash

1. Wear gloves
2. Present FACs open on the relevant page
3. Pay by card
4. Have your membership and SCC card readily available if asked

1. Protective gloves are to be worn by all parties involved in the withdrawal of firearms or purchase of ammunition.
2. NRA firearms may only be used by a single person.
3. All equipment is to be sanitised by the user prior to returning it to the Armoury.

1. Prior to arrival look on line to identify your lane allocation.
2. On arrival at Bisley go directly to the range. One member of the party should be nominated to collect the radio from the rear of the range office.
3. Face to face contact should be avoided.
4. Sanitise all range surfaces and equipment with the sanitiser and wipes provided. This process must be repeated if shooters are rotated.
5. Turning Target controllers will be provided in sanitised zip lock bags. Please do not remove the controllers from the bags.
6. Radios and Target Controllers are to be sanitised before they are handed over to another shooter.
7. NRA firearms and equipment are not to be shared. Any personal or club equipment that is shared must be thoroughly sanitised between users.

“You must stay 2 metres apart from people you do not live with where possible, or 1 metre with extra precautions in place (such as wearing face coverings or increasing ventilation indoors)”
You may only populate the firing point with a single shooter unless face coverings are worn.
Note – On Short Siberia covered firing points only, one bench per firing point may be used irrespective of PPE.
The Club officials are responsible for ensuring that social distancing is observed behind the firing point. If a separation of 2m spacing cannot be maintained face coverings are to be worn.
On ranges with covered firing points (All GR&P Ranges) only 5 persons shooting plus the RO are permitted to enter the range. All remaining shooters are to wait outside of the range and observe social distancing whilst doing so. If 2m spacing cannot be maintained face coverings are to be worn.
On ranges with covered firing points (All GR&P Ranges) shooters are not to move between bays that they have not been allocated. Where possible entrance to each bay will be via a designated door.
On the firing point Shooters are to attract the attention of the RO by raising a hand, they are not to call out.
Shooters are responsible for declaring their own firearm clear. They are to carry out a 3 point check:
– On the face of the bolt
– In the chamber
– In the magazine housing

A declaration of “Clear” is to be made to the RO who may conduct a secondary check from a safe distance.
The RO is to operate from behind the shooter and avoid being directly alongside.
The RO must have a face covering available for use should he be required to approach a shooter.
Communication with NSC staff, including range control, should be via personal radio or telephone.
In the event of a fault on target equipment the shooter is to report the fault via personal radio, unload, fit breech flag and move away from the equipment whilst it is repaired/adjusted.
In the event of a firearm fault/malfunction the firearm is to be made as safe as possible laid flat pointing at the target and the armourer tasked. The firearm is not to be left on a bipod. ON NO ACCOUNT MUST A LOADED FIREARM BE REMOVEDFROM THE RANGE

In the event of an injury please inform the range office via personal radio. NSC staff will respond as normal and assess the situation. Follow up action will depend on the severity of the situation. Minor bumps, scrapes and cuts will be self-help, sterile dressings may be provided by the NSC.

1. The target marker is to sanitise all surfaces on arrival in the Butts. The process is to be repeated on any changeover of the marker.
2. Sanitising fluids, wipes and protective gloves will be available for use by the target marker.
3. On entering, exiting and during any movement away from the allocated target, face coverings are to be worn.
4. On Gallery Ranges each individual marker will be allocated a single target and must not swap targets with colleagues.
5. Marking equipment such as patches, marker boards etc are not to be shared.
Social distancing is to be observed in the Butts. If a separation of 2m spacing cannot be maintained face coverings are to be worn.

1. The RO should inform the range office via personal radio
2. The club/group/individual are responsible for ensuring that all surfaces and equipment, on the range and in the Butts, is sanitised prior to departure.
3. All contaminated PPE and wipes are to be disposed of in the bin provided, the bag will be sealed by NSC staff.

1. An NSC representative will attend the range to ensure that these Covid Secure practises and procedures are in place and adhered to.
2. Prior to conducting Probationary Training or a Guest Day Affiliated Clubs are to:
2.1 Inform the NSC Range Office by e-mail, with at least 5 day’s notice, that they intend to conduct probationary training or a guest day.
2.2 Include notification of the activity in the “Comments Box” on the booking form.
2.3 Record details of all personnel attending in order to facilitate “Test and Trace”.
2.4 The NSC will designate ranges and distances where probationary training and Guest days are permitted to take place.

3. Facemasks will be worn by Trainees/Guests/Instructors on the firing point at all times unless medically excused.
4. Instructors and the RO are to wear protective gloves.
5. All personnel behind the firing point are to maintain 2m social distancing. If a separation of 2m spacing cannot be maintained face coverings are to be worn.
6. Instructors and range staff are to replace their gloves and sanitise all associated equipment prior to commencing a session with each new trainee/guest.
7. Trainees/Guests must sanitise hands before moving onto the firing point.
Each individual trainee/guest is to be attended by one instructor. There is to be no “cross-over”.
8. Where possible the instructor is to operate from alongside the trainee/guest, face to face contact is to be avoided.

9. If a firearm requires the attention of an Instructor, it must be sanitised prior to handing it back.
10. In the event of a target system failure the lane concerned is to be vacated to allow the NSC technician to operate safely.
11. If a firearm requires the attention of an armourer it is to be made as safe as possible and laid on the firing point pointing at the target. The lane concerned is to be vacated to allow the NSC armourer to operate safely.

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