Autumn Action Weekend

Start26th Oct 2019



NRA Mark Haigh

01483 797777 ext 139

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Autumn Action Meeting 2019

Saturday 26th – Sunday 27th October 2019



The last of the NRA Action Weekends of 2019 offers opportunities to shoot a range of matches available to GR&P, full-bore rifle and target shotgun competitors hosted at the National Shooting Centre – Bisley.


View Competition Overview HERE


Details and Courses of Fire can be downloaded from the handbooks section of the website here


This Meeting offers the opportunity for fun and competitive shooting for competitors of all levels, with the usual range of discounts to encourage new shooters to Bisley, the Under 25s and those looking to shoot more matches.

On Butt Zero on Saturday we will have Target Shotgun and Speed Steels matches all day.

Elsewhere multi-positional full-bore shooting runs side by side with the 200 yd McQueen matches on Short Siberia on Saturday, with the increasingly popular Mini McQueen throughout the weekend on Time Limit.

Range Officers

As always, we are actively seeking Volunteer Range Crew to run this event. If you are able to offer your time, please complete the online form. Range Crew will have access to the ranges to shoot their matches on Friday 25th October – please note RCO qualifications are not required.