Civilian Service Rifle Imperial Meeting

The 2018 Imperial Meeting

Start4th Jul 2018



NRA Carol Kellow

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Civilian Service Rifle Imperial Meeting



Entry Deadline Thursday 28th June 


Crowning the Champion shot of each CSR class, matches take place from 25 yards to 600 yards testing every aspect of a competitors’ skill.

Awards are given for each match, the Short Range and Long Range Aggregates and the overall Champions.

The majority of the competition takes place on Century Range although a couple of the matches take place on nearby MoD Ranges.


Individual Competitions:

Match Date
 The Imperial Match Wednesday 4 July
 100x Match Thursday 5 July
 200x Match Thursday 5 July
 300x Match Thursday 5 July
 Urban Match Thursday 5 July
 Long Range Rural Match Friday 6 July
 Short Range Match Friday 6 July
 Rural Match Saturday 7 July

For Courses of Fire please refer to the 2018 CSR Handbook available to download here.

Individual Aggregate Competitions:

Match Aggregate of
 Civilian Service Rifle Championship 100 Yards, 200 Yards, 300 Yards, Rural, Short Range, Long Range and Urban matches
 Long Range Aggregate Long Range Match and Rural Match
 Short Range Aggregate 100 Yards, 200 Yards, 300 Yards, Short Range and Urban matches


NRA CSR Falling Plates – Team Match

Teams of 4 firers shoot against each other in a ‘knockout even’t to see who can knock down 10 steel plates in the quickest time.

Teams start in the prone position at 300 yards firing point and on the ‘Go’ signal they must sprint to the 200 yards firing point adopt the prone position, make ready and open fire at their plates. The team knocking all of their plates down in the quickest time (typically 23-25 seconds) goes through to the next round.

Historic Rifles have their own class and whist the plates are the same the only have to run 25 yards before starting to knock them down. The Falling Plates event takes place on a Saturday evening before Methuen Match and has often attracted more than 40 separate teams.

Match Date
 Falling Plates Team Match Saturday 7 July


CSR Methuen – Team Match

Following the individual Imperial CSR matches the Methuen is a Team match shot in two classes; Modern and Historic.

Teams of six firers and a non-shooting captain take part in the Short Range Match for the Mauser and Mons Trophies, additional individual awards, the Kukri and Bayonet Trophies, are also presented for the highest score in each class. Up to twenty teams can take part and clubs from all over the United Kingdom and from Europe enter this closely fought match and although team scores are monitored throughout the match the winners are not know until the last shot is fired

Match Date
 NRA Methuen Cup Match (Team) Sunday 8 July


Entry Deadline Thursday 28th June