F-Class Imperial Meeting

The 2018 Imperial Meeting

Start20th Jul 2018



NRA Carol Kellow

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F-Class Imperial Meeting



Named after its founder; George Farquharson of Canada, who originally wanted to find a way of staying competitive at shooting when his eyesight gave up. So, he stuck a telescopic sight on, and to give his old unsteady muscles a rest, he employed a sandbag to support the weight of the rifle. From that modest beginning F-class was born.

From then, it has now grown into a discipline it its own right, not just something you do in later life. In fact, F-class appeals to a wide range of shooters including those with no prior involvement in traditional target shooting. Young and old, male and female, able and disabled all drawn together by the notion of trying to hit tiny targets that are much too far away.

Individual F- Class Competitions:

Match Distance(s) Date
 Admiral Hutton 900x First Friday (20 July)
 Century 500x, 600x First Friday (20 July)
 Dolphin 1000x First Friday (20 July)
 Conan Doyle 1000x Middle Saturday (21 July)
 Daily Mail 500x Middle Saturday (21 July)
 Daily Telegraph 500x Middle Saturday (21 July)
 Donegall 300x Middle Saturday (21 July)
 Hobson 1000x Middle Saturday (21 July)
 Alexandra 600x Middle Sunday (22 July)
 Duke of Cambridge 900x Middle Sunday (22 July)
 David Kent Cup 900x Middle Sunday (22 July)
 Corporation 1000x Second Monday (23 July)
 Donaldson Memorial Stage 2 1000x Second Monday (23 July)
 Times 300x Second Monday (23 July)
 Wimbledon 600x Second Monday (23 July)
 Farquharson Stage 2 1000x Second Tuesday (24 July)
 St George’s Final Stage 900x Second Tuesday (24 July)


F-Class Aggregate Matches:

Match Aggregate of
 2009 FCWC Celebration Aggregate Alexandra, Conan Doyle, Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph, Donegall, and Duke of Cambridge
 Century Range Aggregate Alexandra, Century, Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph, Donegall, Times and Wimbledon
 Donaldson Memorial Stage 1 Corporation and Duke of Cambridge
 Farquharson Stage 1 Daily Mail, Times and Wimbledon
 Grand Aggregate Alexandra, Conan Doyle, Corporation,
Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph, Donegall, Duke of Cambridge, Times and Wimbledon
 Hobson/Kent Cup Grand Aggregate and Farquharson Final Stage
 St George’s Stage 1 Alexandra and Donegall
 Stickledown Range Aggregate Admiral Hutton, Conan Doyle, Corporation, Dolphin, Duke of Cambridge, Hobson and Hobson/Kent Cup


F-Class Match Rifle Competitions:

Match Distance(s) Date
 Armourers 1200x First Saturday (14 July)
 Halford 1100x, 1200x First Saturday (14 July)
 Whitehead (MR) 1000x, 1100x First Saturday (14 July)
 Cottesloe 1000x First Sunday (15 July)
 Wimbledon (MR) 1100x First Sunday (15 July)
 Edge 1100x, 1200x First Monday (16 July)
 Albert 1000x, 1100x, 1200x First Tuesday (17 July)


F-Class Match Rifle Aggregate Competitions:

Match Aggregate of
 Hopton Albert, Armourers, Cottesloe, Edge, Halford, Whitehead MR and Wimbledon MR


Team Competitions:

Match Distance(s) Date
 Allcomers Team 900x, 1000x Second Tuesday (24 July)
 International Team 900x, 1000x Second Tuesday (24 July)