F-Class Imperial Meeting

The 2018 Imperial Meeting

Start20th Jul 2018



NRA Carol Kellow

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NRA Shooting Division

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F-Class Imperial Meeting – 20th – 24th July


It was named after the founder of the class; George Farquharson of Canada, he originally wanted to find a way of staying competitive at shooting when his eyesight gave up. So, he stuck a telescopic sight on, and to give his old unsteady muscles a rest, he employed a sandbag to support the weight of the rifle. From that modest beginning F-class was born.

From then, it has now grown into a discipline it its own right, not just something you do in later life. In fact, F-class appeals to a wide range of shooters including those with no prior involvement in traditional target shooting. Young and old, male and female, able and disabled all drawn together by the notion of trying to hit tiny targets that are much too far away.

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