Gallery Rifle National Open Championships

Start25th Aug 2018

GR & P


NRA Becky Mills

01483 797 777 (ext. 160)

NRA Mark Haigh

01483 797777 ext 139

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Gallery Rifle National Open Championships


As well as a multitude of individual events there four Short Range Championship prizes awarded to those who showcase overall ability in GRCF, GRSB, LBP or LBR. By entering all five of the following events in any one gun type you will be automatically entered for the Championship:

25m Precision
Timed & Precision One Multi-Target 1020 Advancing Target


Competitions for Non-GR&P Disciplines:

Index #

Competition Name

Further comments


 200yds Any Fullbore Rifle  Any fullbore rifle with any sights


 200yds Service Rifle A pre 1955


 200yds Service Rifle B pre 1955


 200yds Service Rifle Open pre 1955


200m Service Rifle post 1955 Service optic


 The McQueen  Any scoped rifle


 The McQueen (issued rifle)  [Issued AI Rifle] – any competitor can take part in this event


NEW for 2018:

WA48 – Open to LBP & LBR, this event consists of 4 stages at distances ranging from 7-25m. CLICK HERE for more details


Added extras:

Aside from the GR&P events on Melville, Butt Zero will feature Speed Steels and Bianchi on Saturday, and the Practical Pistol Match (part of the NRA Handgun League) shot on Sunday.

On Short Siberia the multi-positional fullbore shooting events are shot beside the 200x McQueen matches on the Saturday, with Target Shotgun events also hosted on this range.

The popular Mini McQueen runs throughout the weekend on Time Limit.