Historic Service Rifle Match

Start5th Oct 2019

CSR, Classic & Historic


NRA Mark Haigh

01483 797777 ext 139

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Historic Service Rifle Match

Saturday 5th October 2019




This match takes place at 100, 200 and 300 yards, in a mixture of standing, squatting, kneeling or prone positions.

This event is open to British pre-1955 Service Rifles (pre 1919 if entering Classic), under SR (a), in three classes. In addition there is an All Comers Class for all Foreign Service Rifles:

  • Classic (SMLEs)
  • Veteran (No 4s/No 5s)
  • Veteran Optic (No 4T)
  • All Comers Iron (Foreign SR)


Rifle Definition

A service rifle as issued by any government and used without any unauthorised alterations or additions.

Sling: as issued 1937 pattern sling attached to the butt swivel and the upper band swivel.  The sling may be used for steadying the rifle and may be placed round one arm and/or wrist but not round any other part of the body. For Veteran Optic Class only, the US M1907 Pattern sling is permitted and may be used either as a two point using the central sling swivel or with its integral loop.

Rests: Classic, Veteran and All Comers: no artificial rests/support may be used other than the sling. Veteran Optic: a sandbag will be provided to support the forward hand/wrist in the prone position only. There must be no contact whatsoever between the rifle and the sandbag or the ground

Gloves: no padded shooting gloves are allowed

Shooting jackets: no shooting jackets are permitted

Backsight: a backsight as issued must be used.  The wind-gauge if any must be set centrally

Foresight: a blade foresight, which may be undercut

Wind: Classic, Veteran and Allcomers (Iron): must be allowed for by aiming off. Veteran Optic and Allcomers (Optic): windage sight adjustments are permitted

Sights: may be blackened, but nothing may be affixed for shading them

Trigger pull: minimum of 4.5lbs


New to CSR?

For those new or looking to try Civ SR, we run 1-day ‘Introduction to Civ SR’ courses aimed at introducing you to the discipline. Further details are available here including the dates of up coming courses. The courses are run by highly experienced shooters and involve both classroom and practical on range coaching.