Match Rifle Imperial Meeting

The 2018 Imperial Meeting

Start13th Jul 2018

Match Rifle


NRA Shooting Division

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Match Rifle Imperial Meeting


What is Match Rifle?

Match Rifle can be thought of as an extreme, experimental version of Target Rifle. Whilst the same calibres are permitted (.308” Winchester / 7.62 x 51 mm NATO and .223” Remington / 5.56 x 45 mm NATO), Match Rifle starts at 1000 yards where TR finishes, and goes up to 1200 yards.

Telescopic sights are permitted, as is hand-loaded ammunition (typically for .308 / 7.62 with bullets weighing between 190 and 220 grains, as opposed to the 155 grain bullets normally used in TR); unlike TR, a rest may be used to support, or steady, the hand supporting the rifle (a sling as used in TR is also an option), but the rifle may not be directly supported by a rest or bipod.

Whilst most people shoot Match Rifle prone, a sizeable minority shoot supine (“back position”), and a small number (who would be unable for medical reasons to shoot prone or supine) shoot seated at tables.

Most shoots involve 15 or 20 shots to count (usually with two convertible sighting shots permitted) at each of 1000, 1100 and 1200 yards. With few ranges extending back to Match Rifle distances, most shooting in the UK takes place on Stickledown at Bisley.


Individual Timetable

Match Distance(s) Date
Ranken 1100x Unsquadded until First Wednesday (18 July)
Any Rifle Extras 1000x, 1100x, 1200x Pre-Friday (13 July)
Halford 1100x, 1200x First Saturday (14th July)
Whitehead 1000x, 1100x First Saturday (14th July)
Wimbledon 1100x First Sunday (15 July)
Armourers 1200x First Sunday (15 July)
Cottesloe 1000x First Sunday (15 July)
Edge 1100x, 1200x First Monday (16 July)
Albert 1000x, 1100x, 1200x First Tuesday (17 July)
Any Rifle 1200x First Thursday (19 July)



Team Timetable

Match Distance(s) Date
Match Rifle Pairs 1100x First Sunday – First Wednesday (15-18 July)
FW Jones 1100x, 1200x First Monday (16 July)
Elcho 1000x, 1100x, 1200x First Wednesday (18 July)
Humphry 1000x, 1100x, 1200x First Thursday (19 July)



Individual Aggregates

Match Distance(s) Aggregate of:
Any Rifles Extras Aggregate 1000x, 1100x, 1200x Any Rifle Extras (1000x, 1100x, 1200x)
1200 Yards Aggregate 1200x Albert, Armourers, Edge + Halford
Councillors 1000 Yards Aggregate 1000x Albert, Cottesloe, Whitehead
GGG Aggregate 1000x, 1100x Cottesloe, Halford, Whitehead, Wimbeldon
Hopton 1000x, 1100x, 1200x Albert, Armourers, Cottesloe, Edge, Halford, Whitehead + Wimbledon
Martin Parr Sunday Aggregate 1000x, 1100x, 1200x Armourers, Cottesloe, Wimbledon
Match Rifle Selection Aggregate 1000x, 1100x, 1200x See ‘Bisley Bible’
Maxwell Hopton + Grand Aggregate (TR)
Peter-Hoblyn Aggregate Hopton + Grand Aggregate (TR)
Saturday Aggregate 1000x, 1100x, 1200x Whitehead + Halford
Tribe Memorial 1100 Yard Aggregate 1100x Albert, Edge, Halford, Whitehead, Wimbledon
Victoria Aggregate 1000x, 1100x, 1200x Albert + Edge
Weekend Aggregate 1000x, 1100x, 1200x Armourers, Cottesloe, Halford, Whitehead, Wimbledon
Weekend Selection Aggregate 1000x, 1100x, 1200x See ‘Bisley Bible’