NRA Mini Rifle League

NRA Mini Rifle League

Start27th Oct 2019

Mini Rifle


Rep for Target Shotgun

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NRA Mini Rifle League 2019

Round 8: Sunday 27th October




What is it?

Minirifle is the term for dynamic shooting with .22rf rifles. The time taken to shoot the targets also affects the overall score as well as the points achieved by the position of the shots on the scoring faces.

Each round of the League comprises of a number of stages, with no two ever being the same. You will experience different shooting challenges, that can include reactive targets that fall when hit, or moving targets which can range from 5 to 100 metres!

You will find different examples of all types of l.22RF rifles with various sighting systems and ancillary equipment in use. The majority of competitors use a red dot or telescopic sight, but other sights are used.


For further details please visit the Autumn Action Weekend website

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