NRA Hand Loading Course

Start10th Aug 2019



NRA Jane Barnes

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The NRA’s Hand Loading Course will assemble in the NRA Pavilion at 09.00 on Saturday 2 March. The course will be led by NRA Deputy Chief Instructor Myles Robertson and there will be a number of other instructors in attendance.

The NRA Hand loading course is designed to familiarise the student with the basics of reloading metallic cartridges with emphasis on safety.  This course will focus on hand loading .308 /7.62 calibre only.   You can bring your own .308 firearm and may (subject to inspection beforehand) get the opportunity to measure and use it.   Note:  security of your own kit during the weekend will be your responsibility.

It will run over 2 days and involve practical hands on reloading and testing.

At the end of the course, you will:

  • Understand the fundamental safety issues concerned with reloading
  • Understand the information contained in recognised reloading manuals
  • Understand the basic theory of how components come together
  • Have the ability to recognise warning signs from ammunition/firearms
  • Understand the legal requirements and constraints of reloading
  • Get a certificate endorsed by the NRA will be issued upon completion of the course
  • Be able to select reloading components and equipment safely and with confidence
  • Have the knowledge and confidence to assemble ammunition based on safe practices


£ 142

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£159.00 non-NRA Members